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Soo... You all may be wondering, " Trevor, why did you move and change name AND age? "
Well, it's around 9:30 PM my time so I'll try to keep it short and sweet.
Basically in May of... 2014 or 2015, Trevor, the real one, committed suicide at 16 years old. His younger sister, Jeannete, and the real person controlling the account, stayed home from school for a day or two and during the day or two, I prepared this elaborate journal telling you about the truth of the account. But I instead just noted, I won't call names so I'll call her Sam. Sam I knew since January or something like that I honestly can't remember. Anyways, we did this roleplay and after spamming her with gifts of her OC, we became friends, so I just noted her instead telling her of my real identity and that I told her everytime we noted, she would call me Jeannete
I can't remember which month exactly, but somewhere last year, I had a plan to move accounts and in January... I think, I asked Sam about some username advice in June or July, honestly I can't be bothered to look at my old account's notes and I was REALLY into Danganronpa during that time and my two favorite NDRV3 characters ( From appearance ) is Maki Harukawa and Himiko Yumeno, so I took the name suggestions that Sam gave me and combined them since Maki and Himiko, to me at least, sounds like a name lmao.
Sooo... yeah. I also told an IRL friend of mine and told him that I was gonna move exactly on my birthday, and I did haha despite me goung to Disneyland on the weekend for my birthday. So... yeah.

Basically, the Trevor you knew was not the real Trevor, for some reason I was scared to reveal the name of the person that I told first even though we're friends, and I am Danganronpa trash :')

- Jeannete


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MOVED TO Maki-Himiko ( A journal of why will come later on that account )


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I'm ColouredFalmes, the one you followed. If you wish to keep seeing my art please re add me here on my new account.
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Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one! :D
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Happy birthday! :D
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