The results of Draw Tom Ripley Contest

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       The results of Draw Tom Ripley contest 


Hello everyone! :wave:
           It has been 4 and a half months since I started holding my first contest  Draw Tom Ripley Contest  which is a long journey full of new experiences. The origin is just an idea to cope with many deviants who kept asking me for points since I won 5,000 points from Plan Gone Wrong Contest last year. I told them to draw me Tom Ripley first and I'd give them some points in return. After I had got 2 pieces, I started to think "why not make it as a contest? It's gonna be fun." 
           At first, I didn't intend to make a big contest because the idea came too late. I had less than 500 points left in my hand. I can't remember how much points I would give to the first place winner at the beginning. [around 1,000-1,500 points I guess]. But since Tom Ripley is my all-time favorite character and I don't know when I can hold a contest for him again, I decided to try my best for this contest. 

           Because this is just a private contest which doesn't have official media in hand,  and it hardly appeared at the footer of the website longer than half day either, in order to get good entries from talented artists around dA, I did it my own way. I started by featuring over 300 amazing artworks from over 300 talented artists on my page. Then, I kept commenting on popular deviations and journals everyday and increasing the prizes little by little at the same time. SulgheruDC, who suggested a lot of Daily Deviations, told me he found my prizes bigger every time he saw my comment on each DD he suggested. 

           I think my strategy worked. I got more wonderful entries gradually. 30,000 pageviews within 4 months is by-product, and an abuse from a furious rude woman who couldn't stand seeing my avatar anymore is side effect. But I couldn't help it. I would not stop till I got enough. It was exciting to see if there would be anyone else abusing me on my page each morning. Fortunately, most people in dA were nice and had sense of humor. However, the most exciting moment was every time I clicked the link sent from a new contestant. Nothing could make me happier than getting a great entry. 

           After all, I think this contest is successful because I finally have good entries more than the prizes I intended to give. And when I looked at the entries carefully for judgement, I began to realize how lucky I was for having these talented artists as my contestants. Despite the fact that I'm not rich and also lost main income this year because of the big flood in my country, I decided to give much more points to the winners because they deserve it. I ended up spending more than 40,000 points for both the prizes and the promotion. Don't tell me I'm crazy because I've already known that.  

            Above all, it's absolutely not easy to hold a private contest alone. I can't achieve it this much without some help. There are more than 20 deviants and 10 groups that helped me spread the news, 15 deviants offered their prizes, and more than 5,500 points have been donated to me. It's incredible! I discovered true friends during this contest. Besides donating prizes, someone also encouraged me from the beginning till the end. I felt tired sometimes from holding this contest  but I never felt alone. Thank you very much all my dear friends for your warm and impressive supports. :heart:

           Now, it's time to announce the results of this contest. As I've said, I don't judge the winners just by looking at drawing skill, but I'm also looking for the work that portrays character, feeling or story of Tom Ripley well and creatively. I would like to see something different from reference photos. Something artistic and creative that photocopier can't do. I know it's not easy to make a perfect entry which is all that I need. 

             Like most of the voters said, it's a hard decision to make. As the only judge, I confess I had a big headache because the qualities of the top 10 entries are very close. They all have reasons to win. The problem is I can't give 1st place to them all.  What I can do is putting close proximity in their prizes. 

             One more thing I want to make clear about my judgement is the fact that I don't care whether the entries are traditional or digital. To me, traditional works and digital works are all art. I respect them both especially traditional artists whose works have only one layer without redo button to click. The point is artworks that come with colors tend to interest me more than black & white. It's personal taste.

            Okay, here are the entries that get my prizes which have been judged carefully;

1st place winner 

A Fake Somebody by luckyraeve

gets 4,000 points

               luckyraeve was one of the targets I wanted to have in this contest. Thank God she not only was interested but also gave me a very elegant entry. I think she chose a great reference photo which Tom Ripley's facial expression shows deep and complicated emotions. It's not easy to portray. I take my hat off to her for the achievement. I agree with my friend who thinks this work has a lot of artistic look. The tones and texture of the skin are very nice, the eyes are emotive and the smooth shadows give it a nice effect. The way she made the white shirt and the red necktie makes it look like a traditional painting. The background and the composition are also neat. Though it doesn't have much creativity, but the delicate beauty in portrait style that presents character of Tom Ripley very well makes this entry second to none.

2nd place winner 

Lullaby for Cain by edenbhel

gets 3,000 points

              I really enjoy the details and creativity edenbhel put in this work which can tell story a lot in one frame. His Tom Ripley is having a good time and unaware of the sadness inside Marge who stands behind in the dark yearning for her lover whom he parted. The engagement ring with bloodstain on his finger is a smart sign of murder. The pier in front of Castello Aragonese reminds me of the movie location. The moon adds a lot of mysterious atmosphere, and the contrast between the warm tone and the cold tone reflects both situation and his two-face character at the same time.  This entry is brilliant and very fun to look at.

3rd place winner 

Mr.Ripley by Katarina-Venom

gets 2,750 points

                When I first saw the key in this entry, I was immediately impressed and knew that Katarina-Venom realized the essence of the movie deeply and used it as concept in her work. Besides the clever idea, this work clearly shows her great drawing skill.  Congratulation to Katarina-Venom on winning the two-round vote which means her entry is the most popular work and makes her become the second most points winner in this contest. 

4th place winner 

Mr.Tom Ripley by TomsGG

gets 2,500 points

             I have seen TomsGG's avatar quite often during the contest before she amazed me with this splendid entry. The face is quite eye-catching and shows the dark side of the character a lot. The blonde hair looks very fine as well as the glasses. The use of the pair of colors is intelligent which makes this work very outstanding.

5th place winner 

Talented. by dreamarian

gets 2,250 points

            dreamarian shows us her confidence and talent through graphite pencils. The intensive contrast between the accurate light and shadow especially on the faces makes this work very interesting, and it also fits the tone of the movie which is the combination of drama, crime and thriller so well. This is a very remarkable work indeed.

6th place winner 

Obsession by mochriadhemiach

gets 2,000 points

                 I've got a lot of pencil works in this contest. And mochriadhemiach did a very nice one. Her entry looks so tender and beautiful. I can clearly see the emotional connection between the 2 characters in this piece. The faithful eyes of Tom and the arrogant face of Dicky are priceless. The likeness of the two guys really makes my hair stand on end.               

7th place winner 

Good Night Mr.Ripley! by Araen

gets 1,750 points

              I love the sharp and resolute line of pencil in this work. It has movement which looks free and fun. Araen also captured the likeness very well, even though the perspective of the reference photo is quite difficult. The composition and the rendering on the skin especially the face is totally wonderful. With her precious talent, her rank can be higher if Tom Ripley wakes up and shows me some feeling. 

8th place winner 

The Talented Mr.Ripley by wooden-horse

gets 1,500 points

                  I expected to see some caricatures in this contest. Though this is the only  one that I got, luckily it's from wooden-horse who is a unique artist in this field. His both coloring and line are full of confidence and fun and also can capture the character of Tom Ripley quite well.

9th place winner 

Thomas Ripley Portrait by LopezIIReturn

gets 1,250 points

                   I still can remember how much this powerful entry stunned me at first sight. The intensive red and black colors in warm tone that LopezIIReturn smartly used in his work reflect a lot of danger, mystery and darkness of the character. I also love the texture and the abstract style he played with the shirt and the background which make this work imaginative. I really love this work. If I'm not a kind of perfectionist, I might have placed it in a much higher rank.

10th place winner 

The Not So Talented... by aRtUSSELL

gets 1,000 points

                I'm impressed by the concentration that aRtUSSELL put in this work. The rendering on the face is superb. He portrayed the emotion of Tom Ripley through the facial expression especially the eyes so well that I almost handed Tom Ripley a handkerchief to wipe away his tear. 

10 Honourable Mentions

Each winner gets 700 points 

Mr. Tom Ripley by ~RainyRX

Mr. Tom Ripley by RainyRX

Mr Ripley Contest by *Giselle-M

Mr Ripley by *Calaymo

You Always Know the Truth by *Porforever

Draw for Tom Ripley by ~171779

Mr. Ripley by *GryFalck


The Talented Mr. Ripley by ~annARTism

.Ripley by =IsaiahKS

Hidden Talents by =kelch12

Tom Ripley by *KatiaZhukova

These 10 entries are also great in aspect of beauty and creativity, and emphasize the fact that I've got so many wonderful works in this contest. Thank you very much all the Honourable Mention winners for your beautiful works.

16 Special Prizes

Each winner gets 300 points

Thank you very much my friends for joining my contest. I love all your wonderful entries. 

All the rest gets 100 points

:thumb287567951::thumb276491457: My Funny Valentine by MarichescaArt Illusional Mirror? by Q-Le Mr.Ripley by vfrrich Mr Ripley by MkPropus Mr. Ripley by GivePoints-GetFaves Mr. Ripley by Harry-Potter-Addict Tom Ripley by abadon1 Mr.Ripley by MahaAtef Tom is Tender by Segomichoco:thumb284139953: Mr. Tom Ripley by YuHekal Jazz by ashtoledo Lonely by Amai-Rose Tom Ripley by Dhacxaahsvost:thumb277352930::thumb279343679: Tom Ripley by kassandra498 Tom Ripley by FuuBunnie:thumb282930915: The Talented Mr. Ripley by TheTrumpeteer The Talented Mr. Ripley by SwordfishKing

Thank you very much everyone for your lovely entries. Keep it up.  

Popularity Prize winners  
         I've opened 2-round vote. The entries that got more than 10 votes  from 
the 1st round were voted again in the 2nd round. And here are the winners... 

#1 Mr.Ripley by Katarina-Venom #2 Talented. by dreamarian #3 A Fake Somebody by luckyraeve

      The most voted entry gets 1,000 points.
      The 2nd most voted entry gets 500 points.
      The 3rd most voted entry gets 300 points. 
      See all the vote results here.

Prizes for voters  
:iconmr-roth: gets 500 points from voting for the 1st place winner.
:icondancintherain: gets 100 points from voting for the 3rd place winner.
:iconnikitajuice: gets 100 points from voting for the 4th place winner.
:iconjefflafferty:: gets 100 points from voting for the 5th place winner.

Note1 : I got these 4 lucky voters from casting lots.  
Note2 : nobody voted for the 2nd place winner because the entry was submitted when the vote almost ended.

Prizes for the ones who faved contest journals  
     4 lucky person who added the 2 contest journals in their favorite gets 200 points per person. And here are their names : 
:iconyoni-danziger: :iconkelch12: :iconartbolt: :iconq-le: 


Additional prizes for the winners  
:icondamselstock: will give exclusive stock pack and feature
:iconybsilon-stock: will give exclusive stock pack
:iconjocelyner: will give a feature on her profile page
:iconkendra-paige: will give a feature.
:iconwickedillusionart: will give a feature & Llamas
:iconthecarpetwhale: will give a feature & Llamas
:iconmarichescaart: will give a feature & Llamas
:iconroxycockerspaniel: will give a feature, Llamas & faves
:iconhoydadi: will give a feature
:iconsurrealistic-gloom: will give a feature
:icondragos-sulgheru: will give a feature to the 3 winners
:icondestinydecade:   will give Llamas
:iconyuhekal: will give Llamas
:iconredukins: will give feature, Llamas, faves, journal header/animated icon
:iconartworldtoday: will give a feature

    :iconmuchsignplz: I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who made this contest successful. 

:heart: Thank you very much all dear contestants 
for sharing your talents here. I'm honored and lucky to have your wonderful works as entries in this contest. 

:heart: Thank you so much all dear supporters and friends 
who donated prizes & points, who gave me suggestion and encouragement, who featured this contest, and who added the contest journals in favorite. I can't achieve it this much without all of you. Your kind helps will always be appreciated. 

:heart: Thank you all voters 
for helping me selected great works. Your voices mean a lot. 


      Finally, everything I've spent and done for this contest and everything this contest has produced.. I dedicate them all to the character and the movie I love, "The Talented Mr.Ripley". :heart:

        Congratulation to all the winners! : 


P.S.1 : Now all the winners have already got their points. And I'm already broke! =D
P.S.2 : Please fave this journal. I have 300 points left after this contest. I'll give them all          to one lucky person who adds this journal in favorite. His/her name will be            announced in my next journal. 


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