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Howdy everyone? :pat:  Here is another group of DA friends that I'd like to show you guys their artworks which are very wonderful and worth watching & faving. :)

:iconisrallona: is my new nice friend from Spain who recently helped me kindly about CSS things. His gallery is really awesome with various kinds of art. I wish I had many talents like him. :)
Lilith by IsraLlona    Mendoza and Armstrong by IsraLlona   Unplugged by IsraLlona
Inquisitor and Hounddog 2199 by IsraLlona    Space Opera I by IsraLlona    Obatman, the Dark Knight by IsraLlona
Pilar Rubio by IsraLlona   Patricia Conde by IsraLlona The Renard Reindeer by IsraLlona
'The Intermission', TV Show by IsraLlona   World of Warcraft - Orc 01 by IsraLlona   Still Life - Fruits by IsraLlona
Girl 01 by IsraLlona   Sunbath by IsraLlona   Black Beauty by IsraLlona
Martin by IsraLlona   Castro by IsraLlona   Me and myself by IsraLlona

:iconpyrrhite: is my good friend from USA. She is a talented traditional artist. Her dogs and horses portraits are so beautiful. :)
Milo, or, Yo Soy Un Chihuahua by pyrrhite   Zephyr+ by pyrrhite  
Archie by pyrrhite   Angus the Black by pyrrhite   Lucky by pyrrhite
After the Storm by pyrrhite   sunny and warm by pyrrhite   keep off the grass by pyrrhite
Sparker by pyrrhite   Duchess and DC by pyrrhite   Outstanding in her field by pyrrhite
Not A Witch At All by pyrrhite   Jinx by pyrrhite   Maggie by pyrrhite
spree by pyrrhite   three wishes by pyrrhite   xl by pyrrhite

:iconhippievan57: is a very generous friend of mine from USA. His artworks are very interesting and touching. I may not need to introduce him much since he's quite popular. :)
northern shores by HippieVan57   nalla's revenge by HippieVan57   the stona-cabana by HippieVan57
big joe claviger by HippieVan57   birdsong by HippieVan57   Therion by HippieVan57
the good one by HippieVan57   doobie did by HippieVan57   Molly by HippieVan57
framed by HippieVan57   mindbender by HippieVan57   saucerful of secrets by HippieVan57
wayfarers realm by HippieVan57   dreamers vision by HippieVan57   dream of the archer by HippieVan57
bird of jove by HippieVan57   Leandra by HippieVan57   panthera leo by HippieVan57

I hope you guys enjoy exploring their wonderful galleries. =D
Have a nice day!
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Wow. Some insane talent here!
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Yeah, I hope you enjoy this. =D
HippieVan57's avatar
thank you so much Tom! :iconspinplz:
Mr-Ripley's avatar
It's my very pleasure, mate. :pat:
pyrrhite's avatar
Thanks so much, Tom!! I wondered why my messages were spiking!
Very sweet of you.:iconmypleasure:
Mr-Ripley's avatar
You're very welcome, my friend. =D
beccj's avatar
thanks for sharing this, I haven't seen these artists before so I'll have to check them out. :D
Mr-Ripley's avatar
I'm glad this features is interesting for you. =D
NickAlmand's avatar
Very cool stuff! I'll have to check these out.
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Thank you mate. =D You won't be disappointed. :)
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:wave: Beautiful Works Tom!!! :clap: :D
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Thank you very much, Mon. :XD:
monstarart's avatar
Thay All have Amazing Galleries! Thanks for the Heads-Up Bro!!! :bounce: :D
Mr-Ripley's avatar
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