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Hello my friends :wave:

Hope you all are fine. Now I don't have time to watch a single movie. I am supposed to be busy making sculptures at the moment,
but I still haven't started it yet because of this unexpected new work.

Night of the Zombie Wolf by Mr-Ripley

I hope it's worth the time. :)
And before going back to sculpture, I'd like to share you some beautiful works from friends around DA.

Take good care, everyone.

Fear of the Dark by lauraypablo

.: ABANDONMENT :. by SummerDreams-Art
Discover by TopMystic
XPO4 by Jcdow3ArtsPsychosis by ErikShoemaker
DaRk NiGhT by Mr-SadatBirds Hunters by DeniseWorisch
The Dark Wandererby DraakeT by DraakeT
Mushroom House by alanleal22howls moving castle by Ururuty
Exodus IV: Nowhere Left to Go by Rowye
Together by nesekavakTranquil by Lintu47
Ancestral Home by inObrAS
Summer Rain by Pixx-73
Spring Time by supersnappz16Boared by Splat-Shot
Je'taime by SecretadmiresThe Survivor by JocelyneR
Castaway by noro8
The Reflection by pams00asleep or dead? by Lolita-Artz
All that's left by robhas1left
Alienated by LoloAgainThe attic of Horrors by Julianez
Beyond by JoeDiamondDFire Starter by Majentta
Eudemon by Branka-Artz
Autumn Bliss by WhimsicalBlueIntruder by EstherPuche-Art

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Oh thanks so much!! I am so sorry for the late reply. Between health and life stuff... and trying to catch up, I've not been on DA. I really do appreciate it. How did the sculpting go?