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December 15, 2015
Full of action and awesome effects, Escape from Skull Island by Mr-Ripley is a well-blended, high quality artwork with a ton of details that show how passionate the artist is about his work.
Featured by ErikShoemaker
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Escape from Skull Island

Ann Darrow is jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire!

FYI, Ann is the woman whom King Kong loves.

And I'm telling you I'm not going
to compete in my own contest. LOL

So, this is NOT an entry.

I may put this work in entries of KING KONG AND I contest folder 

 But, it's just a sample work I only made to promote 


Everyone is welcome to join and take a chace to win lots of prizes
including 3,790-4,440 :points: for 1st place winner.

So if you can make a better work, don't hesitate to come grab the biggest prize in my contest. :)

Please see all prizes and other detail in the journal below.

King Kong and I contest (8 days left)
With  12,900 :points:
Welcome to my second contest
3 years ago, I held my first contest Draw Tom Ripley Contest in 2012 with total 39,600 :points:  That event still makes me poor but very pleased until now. =P 
In 2015, I am quite lucky in art. I won lots of points from many contests throughout the year.
Now I'm ready to hold a contest again and share 12,900 :points: to other artists.
This event is called...
Yes, the theme of this contest is about King Kong and a woman.
I believe that almost all of you have seen King Kong movies at least once from 1933, 1976 or 2005 version.
 So, this event is like 10 year anniversary for the last time we saw King Kong.

Deadline is on Jan 31, 2016 
(DA time)

Good luck!


This work is a special dedication to my wonderful DA brother Ahkam 
whose work is the inspiration of this contest. 
He is also the main prize donor behind this event.
Thank you so much for everything, Ahkam. 
Finally, I can make a King Kong gift for you in return. Hope you like my version, bro. :)


I also dedicate this work to all my dear prize-donors in this contest.
Thank you so much for all your great donation! :hug:

And many thanks to all the supporters who help me spread the news of this contest as well. 
Big thank to all of you for your kind support. Much appreciated. Please forgive me if I forget anybody's name. :hug:


STOCKS used in this work
:iconzeina-stock: kong :icontwilitesmuse: woman :iconjassy2012: stick :iconthy-darkest-hour: background :icon1989juni: skulls
:iconelevit-stock: skulls :iconlucieg-stock: waterfall :iconroys-art: aircraft :icondavethelurker: smoke :icondawiiz: flare :iconandrei-oprinca: bolt
:iconcat-in-the-stock: foreground :iconwolverine041269: crocodile 1 and  crocodile 2  :iconr08r17: vine :icongd08: grass :iconsimfonic: branches :iconamorphisss: rain :iconfrostbo: splash :iconprocasti: fire :iconmariasemelevich: Sparks :iconpurplestripedbrain: cloud


BIG  T (Alphabets) by EhsartemH (Alphabets) by EhsartemA (Alphabets) by EhsartemN Alphabets (Words) by EhsartemK Alphabets (Words) by Ehsartem  TO  :iconerikshoemaker:  FOR THE DD !!      

I got my 1st DD 4 years ago (yes, it's been a long long time!),
and when the second one comes today I'm stunned because I didn't expect to get it from this piece.
I only wanted to make a work to promote my contest.
Thank you so much dear Erik for seeing something that is worth a DD in this work.
With a DD, I believe I will get much more wonderful entries from talented artists around DA. :dance:

And today is also my Birthday.
Thank you so much Erik for giving me one of the best birthday presents I have ever got in my life! =D :handshake:



Any suggestion and criticism are welcome. :nod:
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What exactly is happening in this artwork? What made the airplane crash? Why is Ann Darrow on the stream?