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You may know from my profile page that I read Japanese comicbooks (manga) a lot when I was young.
Bride of Deimos by Ashibe Yuho by Mr-Ripley 
And Bride of Deimos  is my all-time favorite story which was beautifully drawn by Ashibe Yuho,
a great Japanese cartoonist who is my biggest inspiration in art.
I don't know if she is still alive, but I hope she will know how much I have been admiring her works. :heart:
So this work is a fanart and a dedication, but was made in photomanipulation version. :)

Some information about Deimos:
Deimos is a satan or demon. He used to be a handsome Greek youth and the twin brother of Venus, the Goddess of Love. However, the pair had romantic feelings for each other and when Zeus caught them kissing, they were both struck down by his wrath. When Deimos awoke again he had been transformed into a devil like creature with horns, large black feathered wings, hairy clawed feet, and pointy ears. In the midst of this shock, Deimos searched for Venus and found her imprisoned and disfigured in the underworld. He vows to rescue her and get revenge on Olympus and the gods. In order to free Venus though, he has to find a girl who is the living image of Venus, then bring her to Hades so Venus can possess her body. Deimos spends many centuries searching before he finds Minako Ifu, and thus begins to pursue her and try to convince and/or trick her into coming with him to the underworld. Over the course of time though, it appears that Deimos has come to have real affection and feelings for Minako, as he tends to rescue her from harm and dangerous situations, and on at least one occasion has actually defended her from Venus. Deimos appears to be torn between his devotion to Venus and his growing love for Minako, though in general he is still more likely to support Venus and try to placate her jealousy. The love triangle is never resolved as the series never finished. (from…)
There is some website that you can read it online if you're intertested. :)

STOCKS used in this work:

:iconvishstudio: man  :icongeoectomy-stock: flutter  :iconemmytonks: ears  :iconlion6255: earrings
:icongrannysatticstock: horns  :iconmomotte2stocks: wings crow crow crow crow :iconraduluchian: feathers 
:iconironmountain01: oak  :iconesmeralda-stock: sky  :icon1989juni: snow  :iconjean52: ruin
:iconsimfonic: branches  :iconmysticmorning: hands  :iconnoctourniquet: crow  :iconsolarka-stock: crow
:iconperoni68: crow  :iconroys-art: crows  :iconfairiegoodmother: crows

There are some wonderful cosplay for the character of Venus in DA as well. Please visit her gallery. :heart:
Bride of Deimos by sara1789Death Swamp of Venus by sara1789Goddess's Love by sara1789desire by sara1789

Any suggestion and criticism are welcome. :nod:
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