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Cat on a Haunted Roof



In my country Thailand, we have been told that dead people will be woken up if black :iconpuccacatplz: jump over their coffin.
There used to be a coffin lying for 5 years in the first floor of the two-story building that I was living inside.
The body in the coffin was the owner of the building who died from a car accident.
I still don't know the reason why his family kept him there too long.
I guess they waited for auspicious time and proper cemetery or something.
The worse thing is that I had to live alone in the building all the time.
Though I love cats, but believe me I had NEVER let any black :iconblack-kittenplz: come near the building until the coffin was removed!

This work is a birthday gift for my dear friend :iconjocelyner: who is so nice and generous.
I wish all good things keep coming around you everyday in your life. :iconkimberely:
By the way, I hope you don't mind if this gift looks quite weird for a birthday gift.
And I didn't intend to scare your cat Coquine.
It's because the rule of the contest want to see black cat in dark atmosphere. =D

P.S. The name of this work is a parody of Elizabeth Taylor's classic movie called Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. [link] =D


This work is an entry for :icondigital-art-fantasy: 's The Black Cat contest. [link]
Thank you very much for the very wonderful stocks of
:iconjocelyner: for the cat [link]
:iconrezzanatakol: for the house and the sky [link]
:iconmjranum-stock: Marcus Ranum [link] for the 2 models and a hand [link] [link] [link]
:iconsaikochan-stock: for the model in the left window [link]
:iconlatebraking: for the crack brushes [link]
:iconthe-strawberry-tree: for the bat brushes [link]
My other photomanipulation in horror category :

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Isso é incrível, na verdade toda sua galeria é incrível. Sua técnica é demais! É muito bom olhar para sua arte, vemos muita coisa ao modo que vamos olhando calmamente para ela. É muito bom apreciar sua arte. Nessa arte em especial me encantei com o tanto de detalhes, as múmias e o gato e como você brinca com a luz noturna. Os olhos do gato dão todo um contraste na noite, as múmias invadindo o prédio ficaram assustadoras e perfeitas. Os morcegos em voo, deram um toque muito especial a sua imagem. Ela está estupenda! Parabéns, adoro sua técnica, sua arte e tudo o que você faz ! <img src="…" width="23" height="15" alt=":wow:" title="Wow!"/>