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Cat Away



Not everybody can have a volleyball to talk to when being alone among the ocean. Whatever you have, just remember the precious Tom Hanks quote that says " I gotta keep breathing because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring? " :)

This is the first experience I deal with a work involving with water. I thought it might be difficult, but I finally had fun with the wave and splash. The atmosphere, the distance of objects and the lighting are much harder and are something so much to learn and cope with. But what I found it's the most important part is the mixing between cat head and cat body which come from two different cats with different size & gesture. The whole work will totally go wrong if the cat doesn't look right. Plenty of time and effort were spent for this work which is the hardest piece I have ever faced with.


This work was made as an entry for…, and has been featured in an article about lighting at…

Many thanks for all the stocks ;

sky from :iconcolourize-stock:
thunder from :iconredheadstock:
ray of light from :iconredheadstock:
shark & sea from :iconcaserta-stock:
splash from :iconlizard--queen:
raft & oar from :iconsupermimbles360:
the moon from :iconischarm-stock:
rain from :iconnathie:
birds from :iconwingsofahero:
cat body from :iconedwardvb:
cat head, clock, pineapple are from the contest
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Before I start, let me just say this. That is amazing.

Vision: The placing of everything is just right. I love how the lightning illuminates the moon and everythingelse. I also like the birds flying at you to give you that centered look without being too obvious. I also like how the boat looks cluttered, but is really just broken.

Originality: I have seen things like this, but usually with a cluttered boat with frightened humans onboard, not a mad cat. The pinapple was new too!

Technique: Like I said before, you placed everything in the right spot and had every thing supports the idea of; this cat is crazy.

Impact: This picture left me chuckling to myself. And, honestly wishing I could see that in real life.

So overall, awesome job.