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Just uploaded an important new character into the mythos (and origin of Toonman). Feedback would be awesome:  Toonman Rogue: Polecat by mr-redx
Toonman Rogue: Polecat
Hey Guess! I'm back with a brand new villain for Toonman, this one fills a role in his origin most important, you will see in the bio.

Meet the Magnetized Menace, Polecat!


Jack Hughman has been called a lot of things: thug, menace, common hood, jerk, jackass, and an overall dirty skunk. To Tom Foolery the Toonman, however, he will always be one of the first people he genuinely developed a dislike for, and never lets him forget it. But without Jack Hughman, Toonman would not have become the hero he is today.

Jack was described as a bad egg that came from Vaudeville, California. Despite showing promises at an early age, Jack took a quick liking to pushing others around just for the fun of it. It wasn't before long he became the neighborhood bully. Eventually dropping out of school because he deemed it useless, Jack was quickly tossed in and out of jail for different offenses, but manage to get out on multiple technicalities. Soon Jack became one of the most infamous hoods in Vaudeville, mostly because people could smell him coming from a mile a way due to his heavy signature scent of Drakkar Noir cologne.

Then, one fateful day while harassing some local old folks for quick cash, Jack made the wrong choice to harass washed-up entertainer Martin-Lewis "Marty" Mason, who had been befriended by - much to his shock and everyone else's - a living, banished cartoon character called Tom Foolery. When Tom refused to let Marty give Jack his payment, Jack retaliated with physical violence, only to be beaten and humiliated by Tom in a slapstick fashion, after which he was promptly arrested. To ad insult to injury, Jack's humiliation had been filmed and posted on the internet, making him a laughing stock in Vaudeville's underworld.

While in jail, Jack received a visit from a stranger calling himself Ryker, who offered him a chance at revenge on Tom Foolery for seemingly nothing in return. Jack accepted, and was given gear that allowed him to control polarity and magnetization. Jack decided to repay Tom in favor by killing Marty, which he did by manipulating the metal in Marty's home and causing the house to  fall down on the old timer. After which, Jack decided to have some fun with his suit and do whatever the hell he wanted, therefore he started causing chaos in downtown Vaudeville, calling himself "Polecat" due to his powers and a nickname Toonman gave him on their first meeting.

His fun was cut short, however, because his karma came back to bite him in the form of Tom seeking to avenge Marty's death. In what was his first battle between a super villain, Tom managed to outsmart and humiliated Polecat once again despite Polecat's new powers. In the end, Polecat was arrested, and Toonman had declared himself Vaudeville's premier superhero, "Toonman".

Since then, Polecat has become one of Toonman's most reoccurring enemies, but despite his new power continues to fail due to his lack of knowledge of the potential of his powers, not to mention his own temper and failure to learn from his mistakes. Polecat has unfortunately mossed everything and more because at every confrontation, Toonman takes joy in humiliating Polecat in his defeats, declaring it karma for killing the man who was his hero, an entertainment angel to millions, the grandfather of his eventual girlfriend, and overall an innocent man.

Polecat has tried more than once to regain his lost respect as a hood. In many attempts he has tried to defeat other heroines but looses, even when he teams up or does work for hire amongst bigger criminals in and out of Vaudeville, like Ryker. Most notable cases where he has proven a genuine threat are when he becomes a guardian for his fellow criminals and hoods, forming a league of B, C, and D list villains to get revenge on the heroes who defeated them, and when he found a kinship and partner in the first villain Toonman ever humiliated- Mister Bombastic.


•Suit and technology grants Polecat the ability to maniple polarity and magnetic fields for various purposes, including:
    • Limited Flight and Levitation.
    • Manipulation of ferrokinetic metals such as iron, nickel, tin, cobalt, etc.
    • Disrupt Technology and Electronics.
    • Many other powerful abilities (but lacks knowledge and patience to learn them).
• Decent brawling skills.
• Hoodlum with grudge against Toonman and a desire to win back criminal reputation.
• Always heavily smells of Drakkar Noir cologne.

So, remember how in my latest Toonman origin rewrites I had given him a Joe Chill-style character to give him a reason to become involved in heroics. Well, this is the character!

Since I wanted to give Toonman a new yet important enemy, I had to create one. Initially I tried figuring out a unique way to do so. I couldn't have it be Ryker because he's more of a "big picture" type villain, but I didn't want it to be just some throw away one-shot villain that would play an important role only never to be seen again. I wanted the character to be reoccurring yet not as a big enough villain. In the end, I decided for him to be a c/d-list villain who gets humiliated by Toonman at every turn after their first encounter, like Shocker or Killer Moth.

Since He was going to be a reoccurring villain, I wanted him to have a unique power or ability, but I've done a lot of unique things with Toonman already. I considered electricity or animal-based powers before settling on magnokinetic powers, something I don't have a whole lot of in my universe. Honestly, the idea came to me when I came across the term of "polecat", which is another name for a skunk, and I thought that having such a villain with a name like that would make for humorous ripping and jokes on Toonman's part! :D

Designing Polecat was tough though. I went through a lot of rough drafts. Eventually, I was inspired by another famous character who is also inspired by a striped animal, hence why Polecat's real name is inspired by the actor that so famously played the character. XD

To sum up the type of villain Polecat is, he's "potentially dangerous yet fails". He's a lot like Spider-Man's enemy Electro, in which he has strong and dangerous powers yet ultimately lacks the knowledge or understanding to use them to their full potential. Not only that, but his temper, refusal to learn from his past mistakes or see the bigger picture, and overall his desire to be quickly gain back his lost respect are why he fails.

I'm very excited to introduce Polecat into the upcoming Toonman comic! :D

Made using FH14.

Jack Hughman aka Polecat is © of NRG Comics™/Me!
So, I’d thought I’d commission a special Merauder piece for Mer-May.

Problem?? I’m drawing a blank on ideas for the commission??

Any of you got any ideas you might want to see on the Merauder commission ??
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I am an aspiring comic book writer and artist with a deep love for the genre and everything superhero! Almost everything I do revolves around my own universe I am building. I hope that one day my universe will become a company as big as DC or Marvel, both of which are my inspirations.

Ever since I was a boy, I have dreamed and daydreamed about the world of superheroes, even putting myself in my own universes when daydreaming. To me, Comic Books are the perfect combination of literature and art; telling a story and giving the reader a visual representation of that story. Comic Books, as I see them, can be used to spread messages, share opinions, entertain the youth, and give the next generations heroes to aspire too. And that is why I hope to be apart of that vision someday.

What separates me from other comic book creators is originality. I always aspire to do things that have yet to be done. I believe comics should always push the boundaries on originality and imagination while aspiring to the legacy and genre of heroes the world has already given us(Detective Heroes, Action Heroes, Space Adventures, Sorcerer Supremes, etc). Every character I have created is from my own ideas and imagination, and appeals to multiple audiences. My favorite heroes I have created so far are Empress and Toonman, but I love all of them equally.

I am always looking for comments, critiques, questions, and praises on my characters. I look to improve myself and create my own voice in my comics.

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Hey Alex,

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Hey Alex!

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If you place him in the jungle, then its a jungle hero.
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I was thinking about doing a patriotic superhero character once again! I was also gonna try again at giving them a folk hero style to them! Thing is that I'm stuck on what their name should be!

My current idea is to have their physical strength or agility exaggerated, akin to the likes of Paul Bunyan or Davy Crockett!

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I think that could be a fun hero to explore.

But I'll tell you what KacieJones has been telling me with Patriotic heroes: no matter what Idea you may have, anyone who writes a patriotic hero must have a good understand of politics and what different people stand for.
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Oh, I thought that in Force Awakens someone mentioned replacing them with a clone army, implying that they weren't.

But then, I guess it makes sense. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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