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Token IconPack Installer

By Mr-Ragnarok
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Token IconPack Installer

For Windows Seven Build 7601 (SP1)

Comes in both Dark and Light.

Now in all variations:


Light Version

DetailsPanel at bottom and Folderband at top [link]
DetailsPanel at bottom and no Folderband [link]
DetailsPanel at top and Folderband at bottom [link]
DetailsPanel at top and no Folderband [link]


Dark Version

DetailsPanel at bottom and Folderband at top [link]
DetailsPanel at bottom and no Folderband [link]
DetailsPanel at top and Folderband at bottom [link]
DetailsPanel at top and no Folderband [link]


Support my work [link]


I recommend U to make proper backups before U begin. Its all explained inside the rar.

TroubleShooter: [link]
How 2 Install shown on YouTube: [link] Made by WarrenClyde [link]

The installer is very detailed with all the little things (check out pin to taskbar).
It will also change the startup sound and logon screen.

I have killed the LiveFolders. U will have NO Thumbnail preview on folders.

I have no part in the icons.
Cred goes to:


Brsev who made the Token icons.

Mark4 Icon Series Template PSD: [link]

Folder: Folder: Aquave by Vargas21 [link] (with a little modification to hide the thumbnail)
Its perfect as it is but I had to do it because the thumbnail.

Logon Screen: [link]

There is also some other icos that i dont recall where i got them but they earn a lot of cred....

Please send me links to Ur screenshots. Would love to see the installers in action.

VS on Screenshot:
Leaf Rounded Caption Btns SS by dpcdpc11 [link]
Placebo Black Market by SolMiler [link]

*Only for personal use*

Enjoy :)
© 2011 - 2020 Mr-Ragnarok
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Hey bro this version not changes icons in the taskbar

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hello, can you please tell me how to kill the thumbnails in live folders? how did you do that? i would loveto have the classic folder from the dark token pack for my win10 system. 
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u choose one with 'no Folderband' option above
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nadir0571024Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know, it doesn't work for me. I have UAC disabled and run installer as admin, but it doesn't change my icons at all, even though installation goes without any problems.
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Tried installing read all the warnings backed up did all the things but the login screen is black except for the windows 7 logo and the shut down button plz help
ANKIT-SHARMAStudent Interface Designer
things to remember
1.check your os version compatibility b4 downloading and installing win 7/ 8 /10(N/A)
2.make a backup
3.lastly check bit (*86x) = 32 bit  OS
                          (*64x) = 64 bit  OS
high risk of system crash on first attempt....
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Why dies this change my Windows Start Sound I hate it!!!
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mdcmilustradorProfessional Digital Artist
how do I change the logon screen? I mean, what if I want some other logon screen? thanks :B
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Im using this now and its nice man great work...was scared of it at first but its fine just a dodgy boot lol  thanks
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21gunbunniesStudent Digital Artist
Can't get this working. Help?
I did all the steps, I created BAKcopies of the files, disabled UAC, ran as Administrator, Ran the installation, restarted. Then tried the "Delete_Backups", restart, installed again, and on start it said it was installed but I see no change.
"Uninstalled_Cleanup" is to remove Your Pack, am I right? So I just run that if I want to go back to the restoration point?
Then I enabled UAC again, restarted, nothing.
I am using x64 for my x64 system. Used top and bottom NoFolderband.
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I DL'd Resource Hacker. Opened the imageres.dll and changed the Startup sound back to normal. Why won't the log off screen go back to normal after I replace the Resource?

I can't even put a custom log on/off screen anymore :( it's stuck on the lake image you put in the .dll

I love your work, but can you please tell me how to do this? Please????

 I'd love to just have everything back to normal.
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Perfect !!!!!
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cyfher01Hobbyist General Artist
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Hej, allt funkade perfekt men finns det något sätt att ändra tillbaks till det vanliga start up-ljudet och samtidigt behålla alla ikoner? Gillade helt enkelt det mer...
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All links are blocked. Could you please upload the files again?
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Yes all links are blocked by Mediafire :(
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Dead links ?
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good ,you are the best[link]
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I got a problem with this. It installed perfectly. But when I clean the icons from my desktop, every icon on my taskbar and start button becomes a cmd icon. I could only revert this by using system restore, but it would restore the icons on my desktop as well. I'm pretty much stuck with icons on my desktop because of this. Is there any fix?
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SaberPeepHobbyist Digital Artist
I know this is old, but just as a tip for others, you just need to rebuild your icon cache.
See here:…
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ApxuBbIHobbyist Digital Artist
Someone tried this on Win8 ?
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beautiful work, thanks for sharing!! ;)
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Can you please tell me how you customized the folderband or whatever it is called. Where it has favourites, libraries, homegroup, computer, network? I want mine to look like that but I can't figure out how to rearrange it.
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I don't know if you've figured it out yet, as it's been over a year, but if you click the arrow next to each respective folder (Favorites, Libraries, etc...) it'll collapse that directory and look like they do in the sample pictures.
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