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Faenza IconPack Installer




Faenza IconPack Installer

Download from here:
X86 [link]
X64 [link]

Now also with No folderband:
X86 [link]
X64 [link]

I recommend U to make proper backups before U begin. Its all explained inside the rar.

The installer is very detailed with all the little things.
It will also change the startup sound and logon screen.

This installer contains no livefolders cause it looked like shit :)
It has as little folders as possible. I recommend U to use this [link] to toggle thumbnails.

I have no part in the icons.
Cred goes to:

tiheum: [link] [link]
fjsferreira: [link]

Logon Screen: [link]

There is also some other icos that i dont recall where i got them but they earn a lot of cred....

Please send me links to Ur screenshots. Would love to see the installers in action.

VS on Screenshot: iFluxy for Windows 7 [link]

*Only for personal use*

Enjoy :)
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hey man i love this, can you tell me what software did you use to create the iconpack? couse i wanna start creating some of my own. Thanks in advance!!