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Have a look at my gallery c: ~ and enjoy the art.
Leave a comment while you're at it : D ~
These two things please me BD
- Alright that's it good day to you sir/madam.


Mr-Plushie has started a donation pool!
111 / 1,200
For a mere and dear 4000 points I can become a core member for a year!
But for only 1200 I can become a 3 month Core member and hopefully spruce this place the fudge up!

Edit: feb/5th/2012 Opening Commissions for the lulz again
Edit: Aug/19th/2014 Closed until further notice
(Not for point! )
Commissions in progress c:
~ Catine27
~ FaintLaughter

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Slowly Descending into Madness.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi! I draw cute things~ And handsome and or cute dudes!!
I also have a tictail store where I sell demons themed merch feel free to visit it here c:
>> <<

I can do other things but I'm constantly learning new techniques and trying out different things so bare with me~!
I have also decided to try out Chibi Commissions for a while on here~! But not for points no no no for real Canadian monies~!! More about that in my journal soon.

My hobbies include:: Drawing, Wishing I was better at drawing, becoming an empty shell of a human being and making games plans.
Current Residence: cereal box, located in Carrrnada
Favourite style of art: anime, pixelated, realistic, etc
What do you draw: Cute looking dudes with shytty backgrounds?
free counters……


Mask Collector
Which you is the real you?
This is an OC who has yet to get himself a nice fancy name LOL He's a great boy that collects masks to wear when he has to go out, he's a half angel tho so that's neat.

Still uploading old pieces! This ones all the way from Oct 29th 2018 yikes! I'm real behind LOL
Doing commissions y'all~!
The ads fade by quickly in the forum T V T

Chibi's Cell Shaded are $15 Painted are $20
[Commission]Marmewa by Mr-Plushie [Commission]Dranzzz by Mr-Plushie Be mine? Maybe??? Consider it. Please. by Mr-Plushie

Portrait is also available but I don't have any samples posted here!
Cell shaded is $25 painted is $30~!

Cell Shaded waist up is $35 Painted is $40 no simple background included
Dragon Jacket by Mr-Plushie

Fullbody painted are $60 with no background simple backgrounds like these are additional $10

Thoughts by Mr-Plushie Boo Photostudio by Mr-Plushie
Edit: Jan 16th Funding ended unsuccessfully! But I got him anyway so if you helped and still want a pin he's available in my online store = v =~! Thank you all~!

Dropping one for the new year and accidentally made it a mere two weeks long OOF!!

Banner-Ghost3 by Mr-Plushie

Please help me raise funds for my good boy LMAO!! He's already being made so he'll exist regardless but I would love to send some of this bad boy out to y'all~! Please shout it from the mountains that this Kickstater is happening c:
I'd really appreciate it! Cute wearable lapel pins for everyone!!!
GhostPin by Mr-Plushie

My boy needs some saving from the pits of obscurity! Please save his ghost butt~


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