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What makes a person?
From a scientific perspective, I suppose a person could be regarded as a bipedal ape with the highest known intelligence seen within any animal discovered so far on the planet, with an emotional sense of self-awareness.
That's pretty cool, I guess. We're self-aware and smart. My question is, are we aware of everything else? Judging by the ammount of pain and suffering that's happening around the world, I'd think not. People who actually do something to help those around them is a very rare occurance, and sadly the number of those on the planet who are literally out to harm others for self gain is incredibly high.
If we're smart, why aren't we capable of helping others? Is it because we're too self-aware? Are we so stuck in the idea of self preservation that we can't even preserve the lives of everyone else?
Or are we still nothing but animals?
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