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Hi deviant friends,

I've realized I forgot to tell you about my new blog: Questlog. It chronicles my effort to fabricate an entire Dnd 5e adventure, complete with maps and illustrations and things (yes I CAN CONFIRM IT HAS THINGS!)

what you doin' still reading this? go read my latest post a bout the creation of the evil (and also vile) Saltor! 
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Dear Internet,

I wish a google search for "alternate stream of revenue for an illustrator"  would turn up something good instead of wealthy Nigerian princes and pyramid schemes. I love my job, but sometimes I wish I had more time to dote on a project, you know. Polish it, cuddle it, spend a working day just pondering it while sipping a cup o tea. Yeah that would be great.

Dreams must be made into reality, is my vision on things, so lets get to it!  

From the outside at least, projects like childeren's books and the novels that Brom releases seem like good ideas. Something I can finish by meself and then shop around for a publisher. I think getting a publisher behind me is the way to go, as opposed to self publishing (or kickstarter). Self publishing requires me to find my own audiance, which I certainly do not have right now and might work eventually after years more of illustartions and some big clients. But I never was a patient man.

Perhaps the fact that I live in the Netherlands might work for me for once. Holland, like the down to earth Calvinists we are, never had a big  taste for fantasy related products like our neighbours had. No fantasy book publishers of note, no great Dutch fantasy authors or artists. We do however have a strong tradition in (exceedingly strange) childrens books, lots and lots of Dutch authors and Illustrators. So there definately is a good chance to get published if i come up with decent material. Also fantasy as a concept finally seems to take a hold here, nothing yet like our crazy neighbours, but its slowly getting better. A growing market with a small talent pool always offer opportunities i think.

Stuff to ponder about to be sure, but for the time being: pixels need smithing.

cya internet,

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Dear 2011,

I love you and hate you. Its been a rough couple of months. The company where i had my day job whent tits up, that is to say bankrupt. This is one of these moments i am thankful to be born in the Netherlands. The government payed all wages and such i was due, which basically meant i had a couple of months to find a new job. Nice especially with a 7 month old baby.

the world is a strange place.

two months ago: no day job, few painting jobs, owed loads of payment by clients
now: swamped with work, clients paying, starting a new job next week and expecting an 'ooooge tax return

strange indeed

this week is gonna rock, little responsibilties loads of time to paint, which means i'll get to finish a ton of personal commisions i promised people, and my ultimate fighter entry for the contest over on artorder:…

submitting to tons of potential clients, hope something comes out of it.
Also, I am gonna remove most of my monochrome from the page just so you know.
lastly, moving back to acrylic paint again like this one:

Rage Golem by mr-nick

keeps me entertained and an entertained nick is a effecient nick


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Dear interweb people,

You come across as quite sensible. I mean, if you reading this you are likely indoors and baby its cold outside (great song). So Kudos. No Kudos if are reading this outside on your Iphone. Silly you, you have to take off your gloves to manipulate that arcane device, and this not interesting enough to risk frostbite. If are you risking frostbite to play Plants V.S. Zombies you do get kudos, though just a few.

On with the Biznats:
So the sci-fi sounding 2010, or 20-X as I liked to call it, is drawing to a close. So is the first year of me as a free-lance illustrator. All things considered it went better than expected. Over 150 illustrations turned in, 3 covers, 2 features in Imagine FX and published in 14  different books. Next year's  goals include, among other things, a move to better paying gigs and more colour work.
This year I did about 10 commissions for the guys at Mongoose Publishing. Two of the covers I did for these guys. I like to thank the company in general and Will Chapman(ad) in particluar.  Thanks amigos for taking a chance on some fresh meat!

Next Year (the only decent song by Jamie Culum, particularly the trumpet solo, ironically not preformed by Jamie) s'gonna be great I think! More painting, less dayjob.  
More family time, less boring late night meetings. More hoodies, less neck ties!
I wish you all a Very Mery Christmas and a 2011 as smooth as the ruby Port I'm sippin by the fire (well electric heater....)

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3 min read
Dear internets,

what have I been up to you ask? Loads of things as usual. Most of it trivial ofcourse. Not worth mentioning in general, unless you finds my new lasagne recipe of interest. In which case a comment stating such sentiments will get you more of the same ilk.

of more interest might be:
-I have accepted a ton more diagrams and maps to make. The client seems to really like em. Maybe worth pusruing in the future. It seems a less crowded field (though with stiff competition)
-worked with a few new clients. Note to self: dont get to familliar with fresh clients
-Apeared in the December issue of Imagine FX, useful learning experience: callibrate my monitor, because it prints out much too dark and desaturated.
-Done some interior colour work and a cover for 13 Mann, a German company. Nice guys.
-Accepted a couple of haste jobs for new clients. Not a smart thing when you have a 4 week old.... Maybe I should be more selective in the Jobs I take, though I am just coming to terms with HAVING JOBS to choose from. The work was accepted and finished in time, but I felt I could do better. I hope the client gives me another shot.

we will ditch the annoying list format for the rest of the post. My eyes are starting to hurt. If I updated this thing more I would have to cram so much stuff in here (or I could do less :) ). I started blocking out a novel with me mate Berend Golfman. We noticed there are a ton of translated Fantasy novels in the Netherlands but no original Dutch ones. Lets see if we can get it finished, both of us are major procrastinators. Which isnt helped by the fact I am playing some major MIINECRAFT atm (google it, it is teh awesome). Which is either a very good game for a creative individual, (you make castles and stuff out of stuf you mine and harvest) because its rewards creative thinking, or a very bad game, because it sucks up all time.   

so yeah if you want a killer recipe, or tips on how not to clean a deep fryer pelase comment.

love y'all


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