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Dear Internet,

I wish a google search for "alternate stream of revenue for an illustrator"  would turn up something good instead of wealthy Nigerian princes and pyramid schemes. I love my job, but sometimes I wish I had more time to dote on a project, you know. Polish it, cuddle it, spend a working day just pondering it while sipping a cup o tea. Yeah that would be great.

Dreams must be made into reality, is my vision on things, so lets get to it!  

From the outside at least, projects like childeren's books and the novels that Brom releases seem like good ideas. Something I can finish by meself and then shop around for a publisher. I think getting a publisher behind me is the way to go, as opposed to self publishing (or kickstarter). Self publishing requires me to find my own audiance, which I certainly do not have right now and might work eventually after years more of illustartions and some big clients. But I never was a patient man.

Perhaps the fact that I live in the Netherlands might work for me for once. Holland, like the down to earth Calvinists we are, never had a big  taste for fantasy related products like our neighbours had. No fantasy book publishers of note, no great Dutch fantasy authors or artists. We do however have a strong tradition in (exceedingly strange) childrens books, lots and lots of Dutch authors and Illustrators. So there definately is a good chance to get published if i come up with decent material. Also fantasy as a concept finally seems to take a hold here, nothing yet like our crazy neighbours, but its slowly getting better. A growing market with a small talent pool always offer opportunities i think.

Stuff to ponder about to be sure, but for the time being: pixels need smithing.

cya internet,

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