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The Ostrich and I

By mr-nick
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(c) 2009 Nick Egberts

an entry for the Artdrop blog's Concept Tuesday. The description was as follows:

Concept Description: In this months "Confessions of a Full-time Wizard" Dragon® column, Shelly Mazzanoble talks about her desire for a new familiar...well, an unfamiliar familiar. Not only do I love reading Shelly's pieces, but I love the idea of an unfamiliar familiar! The concept this time is to step away from the normal familiars (cats, rats, snakes, ravens, etc.) and dream up something new and interesting...or hysterical, if you are like Shelly.

My wife actually suggested an Ostrich (well her first suggestion was a buffed up barbarian in a thong....). I immediatly liked it. They always look like they are up to no good.

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Recognize this one as well. That ostrich must have excellent posture! ;)
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I must say, I seem to have a thing for Ostriches. I live near a zoo, and reguraly go there. They let feed one once. They basically gave me a paper bag full of fodder and sent me to the fence. The Ostrich basically dived beak first into the bag, devouring half its contents in one gulp. It took me quite by surprise (the zoo keepers laughed their head off). A couple of minutes of further chomping on my hand and the bag, seemed to but the beast at ease, and it even let me pet it. Quiet worth a couple of cuts and bruised fingers!


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Oh, that's awesome! :D I've been around emus before, but never ostriches. It must have been a great experience!
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I like it!
your stuff always makes me smile :)
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wow thats a really nice compliment...

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wonderful! and I love the wizard's expression! :D
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why thank you miss Firewarrior,

the expression did take me a while to get right it went from very angry (he was supposed to snap his staff in half) to very sad (pathetically so). I think i landed somewhere in the middle, something like resigned frustration.

thank you again (also for the fav)!

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Thats great! I love the ostrich!
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This is fairly genius! :D I still haven't come up with an idea for the familiar..:(
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Wow thanks Jan! means a lot coming from you (also the fav..)
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