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(c) 2008 Nick Egberts

My first interior study piece. I am trying to up my flexibility as a painter, and one of my weak points has always been enviroments.

Though the underlying sketch's perspective was semi-solid, the lines have turned a little wonky in the painting process.

Acrylic on paper

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MP210 series
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Hello, Master artist, I used your stunning art to illustrate some background text on our Ninth Age Belgium Facebook page, giving you due credits of course ! (link :…)
The text in question is about the Imperial Society of Eichtal, a scholarly institution of the Empire of Sonnstahl.
The Ninth Age : Fantasy Battles is a community wargame project, 100% made by the work of dedicated volunteers. You can learn more about it on the website
We are always on the lookout for new artists to help us craft our new universe, would be really glad to see you join our team ! Thanks again for your amazing work !
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Do you mind if I use this as a background for a meme about writing?
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for this particular piece go right ahead. Ill update the rights on this to creative commons. So long if you dont use it commercially its okay. Send me the meme though im interested XD
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I wondered if you you would be interested in selling a single use or stock art rights license for this image? I would like to use this for a small pdf supplement for a roleplaying game. If so please email me via Steve at RitePublishing dot com
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This is really well done! :)
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I love this :D I want to go and explore this library.
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it's wounderful
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I'd like to wander around in there and browse those shelves.
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Great job! beautiful library :)
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thanks was a pleasure to paint
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you're really talented
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you're really talented
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:wave: You have been featured in my journal: Books and Libraries
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cheers mate!

ive got a lots o favs from it :D

lots of holiday cheers from the Netherlands!

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Wow! This is really nice.
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cheers! Its one of the few pieces that I made, that I actually like :)
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hi nick, btw i'm a librarian in my campus, and i need a wallpaper, bg, pic, or whatever to make the desktop looks good, and i think your work here would make it. thanks anyway, well done!
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I am glad ye like it. By all means use it as a wallpaper.


Im not an artist and I cannot draw well at all, so when I see work, and I like it, i say WELL DONE!
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This lovely piece has been featured here [link]
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thanx for the exposure mate!
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You are most welcome!
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I love libraries and this is beautiful
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