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Earthquake dragon

By mr-nick
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(c) Nick egberts
Painter x over water colour sketch

an entry for the Artorder blog. The assignment was to concept an Earthquake dragon. Pretty nice assignment dont cha think? Though I really enjoyed the process was a tad painful. I suffered a file coruption halfway through, that cost me a lot of time...

Must paint more dragons. Pretty essential stuff for a fantasy portfolio, and I realised I never painted a dragon in my life (except in kindergarten).
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looks really cool :clap :!!!
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Why thank you :bow:
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Oh, and I LOVE the egg design. :)
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Man, I wish I'd had time to participate in this challenge!

Your first dragon, huh? It looks pretty good, though perhaps a tad bit light and airy for something made of earth? I love the gem stones. :)
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Yeah yer right its too flity flighty flakey. I intended for a much heavier thick set Dragon, but the brief called for "a dnd dragon bodshape" or something. I veered too much towards excisting Dragon bodyshapes I thing... :( (damn you insecurity!). I should have done more my own thing (like my boy Melkir [link] he really took the brief and made it his own).

I am glad you like it though :D , especially the egg (when I came up with it, I might have danced around the room shouting:"fear me, I'm a genius!".

cheers Chelsea,

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Haha, i wish I could have seen the Genius Dance! ;)

And Merlkir's design is awesome as well!
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Neat design and clearly earth elemental. =^^= Especially the egg fascinates me, with the drillpart. This is a very good and new idea.
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Nick, I love it!
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cheers mate

hot manly love or romantic cutesy love? ;)
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I'd say a bit of both ;)
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Wow! That looks incredible! :D
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thanx my robotic compadre!
Robot-drawing-club's avatar
Any time my friend! Any time!
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I haven't painted a dragon since highschool, you're not alone! :) (and even back then it was ONE dragon.)

And good job on finishing this early! I'm still in the sketch phase. :/
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cheers mate :)
I finshed early beacuase i'll be attending a Jazz festival all weekend so I had to finish it yesterday (was a bit of a crunch)! I'm confident you will produce something stellar in the last couple o days. You seem to work quite fast...

ltrz Jan,

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the egg screw is a pretty cool idea
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cheers mate. I giggled like a schoolgirl when I came up with that! I'll be over on your page to comment on your colour stuff in day or two btw.
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