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Boll Deevil

By mr-nick
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(c) 2009 Nick Egberts

"silently it glides through the starry nights of erstwhile Nerath. Guided by brooding and alien intellect it seeks out pinpricks of light in the dark fields. Once it finds a suitable homestead it sneakily opens the shutters and sends out its feelers. Then the screaming starts. Kicking and fighting the helpless victims are torn from their beds. Wrapped up in viscous mucus to keep fresh, or to be devoured on the spot"

-This image was featured in the October 09 issue of ImagineFX

-my entry for Boll Deevil concept over at the artorder blog ([link] well worth a visit).
my website: [link]
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MP210 series
© 2009 - 2021 mr-nick
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ok, i don't know what the fuck that is, but I LOVE IT!!!
mr-nick's avatar
lol cheers mate!
Cacodaemonia's avatar
Hah, I recognize this one from ArtOrder. I love how it's creepy, yet really funny at the same time. :)
Robot-drawing-club's avatar
Thats amazing man! Beautiful design, it looks so spooky and unnatural! :D
mr-nick's avatar
cheers m8 that was what i was aiming for. Glad you like it, i've added a pair of wings to it now as well.
Robot-drawing-club's avatar
Your welcome! Wings are cool :D
HomieBear's avatar
Wow amazing again! I don't think you need to change a thing.
mr-nick's avatar
cheers! maybe yer right..
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Merlkir's avatar
Isn't this due to next Sunday? :) I thought last Sunday it was that "Shock weapon"..
mr-nick's avatar
yeah you're right ofcourse Jan. í'd thought i'd get a head start....
(I skipped the shock weapon though...)
Merlkir's avatar
I was just making sure. :) I won't have the chance to try the weapon so I'll have to give the bug a shot at least.
mr-nick's avatar
ýou should would be fun to land an comssion with wotc. Also i had tons o fun with the assignment.
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