Monsterpalooza 2012 is approaching!
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Way overdue for an updated Journal entry! I am preparing to make a return to Monsterpalooza in Burbank, California on April 13th-15th. Been trying to get lots of new merch ready for the show, and hopefully this month I can crank out a bunch of new Bottle Cap Monster goodness!

I am also busy with several other side projects, including a new mural job for a restaurant, some concept art and a few other things. Also staying insanely busy with the full time job, so life is very busy for me lately.

Been able to see a few good metal concerts in the last couple of months, saw TESTAMENT a while back and just saw ICED EARTH, SYMPHONY X and WARBRINGER. Also hoping to see 3 INCHES OF BLOOD soon, and OVERKILL. Nothing like a good dose of live metal to help keep the creativity levels high!

That's about it for me these days. Thanks again to everyone that takes time to stop in and visit my monster art!

Stay scary!

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Next month, next month! I cannot wait until then- I still am refining and planning my makeup for the event.
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I hear ya, it is gonna be amazing as always! Stop by my table and say hello!