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Warm Shades of Death

Another shot from the Christel Death photo shoot last year. This was a 7 hour makeup job, using an airbrush.

I am not sure who took this photo, it was either Matt Rambo or Renee Lee- Sorry guys.

I spoke with Christel the model in this photo last night about a sequel to this photo shoot- we have some great ideas in place and hope to do the sequel very soon!
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May 12, 2007, 2:59:29 PM
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Awesome piece of work! Fav! Is it all paint? At first I thought the mouth was an appliance... now, not so sure.
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Thanks so much! Yeah, this was entirely done with makeup, no appliances. Based with a cake makeup, details painted on with an airbrush. Glad you like it! :skull:
Ooh - thanks :) I shall download and install AIM later - I have to be up early for work so I may try and send an initial message tomorrow night or over the weekend.
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I am typically online during work hours... 8am - 6pm, so hopefully you can catch me!
Again some amazing skeleton work - very nice indeed. Do you use anything like MSN or have a personal website at all? If you do PLEASE let me know as I'd love to chat about some ideas. I'm part of a live action rpg group here in the U.K. and of course things like skeletons come into the mix now and then - I could certainly do with picking your brains (oops...inadvertent zombie reference there...) if that would be possible.
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Sorry about the lame link, I am not sure what happened there. Try this one: [link]

I do use AIM, pkendall333.

He he...picking my brain... BRAINNNS!! I love anything that gets me thinking about zombies!!
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oh my... sexy grim..
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I like these photos
ChristineObsceneFYS's avatar
absolutely stunning ! <3
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Thank you- glad you like it!!!
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This is amazing, those 7 hours of airbrushing really paid off. I love it!
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Hey thank you! Glad you like it!!
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thats some insane makeup and I love it to death!
great work great work
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Thank you! I appreciate the kind words, and I'm glad you like it! More to come soon!!!
Somniscience's avatar
That is the coolest freaking thing evar!!! Really, really well done.
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Hey thanks! I appreciate the great comment! Glad you like the makeup work!
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how mush time would jsut the face have taken?
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I can now knock out a good skeleton face in about 30 minutes. I plan on taking less time when we do the sequel to this- mostly because I have already done this once, and I hope I can make it happen faster the second time around.
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nice. i just did a face pint by hand on a friend its in my gallery right now. its a green hag type thing. for like a 40 min one its nto bad. i was spending mor tiem decideing what i wanted to put on her than i did actualy paintingit on. i had no idea what i wanted to doo jsut wanted to get something on her face.

now ive got ideas for dragon face paint. but yeah check my new guy out.
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shhh, look!
here She comes quietly like a shadow,
suddenly appears in common places
where you'd never expected Her
in time you'd never wanted...
here She comes like a wind, like a mist, like a whisper,
unreal like a ghost, but really terrifying
like pain, like loss, like... Death Herself...

[above text describes how I see "Warm Shades of Death" and it grew in my head while watching. nothing special as any kind of a poem though... :P]

damn, I find this shot spooky because of the warm safely lit background against her darkness she seems to drag between her bones :fear: I love it!!! and her hands look like big horrifying spiders on the walls, :dead: my God, as if she was slowly but decisively comming straight to get me!!!...
this one is more creepy than it seems to be at first sight!!!

:skullbones: it's how I like it - pleasently scary... :+fav: as always!
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Wow, cool thoughts on this one! I have a bunch of photos from this first round still, and this one seemed like the best one to me- I really liked the stark contrast between the warm wall colors and the black and white of Christel's character.

My wife and I spent last Sunday having dinner at Christel's home, discussing a bunch of stuff- I did one concept sketch already for the sequel photo shoot, and Christel has contacted a friend of hers to help work on the new costume design. We have some GREAT ideas for locations and settings too, so I am now even more excited to get this makeup job done. I am hoping to really push the makeup work beyond the limits and make it better than ever. I LOVE A CHALLENGE!! Stay tuned!!!
JigsawDoll's avatar
that's sooo great to hear it, Mister!!! :lol: I'm happy to know that you're so enthusiastic about this whole thing :clap:

watching all the time =p
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^^ Another great shot... Oh, sequel? Can't wait...
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