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VII Miles to Midgar

Stay with me a little longer... we won't lose to the memories.

My homage to FFVII Advent Children. I'm not a big Aeris fan, but I loved the shot of half her face from the magazine scans, it's mysteriously cute.


I just realized after months that I forgot to do Aerith's lil bow ribbon necklace. My bad.

openCanvas 2, 3 and Photoshop CS

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, Aeris Gainsborough, Cloud Strife are © Square-Enix
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© 2004 - 2021 mr-mister
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Cloud would say : magnificent work ! ^^
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is that original poster of AC?
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Love it so much, but unlike you I'm a huge Aeris fan :) 
Omg, wow. That looks so damn awesome!
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Seven Miles To Midgar...

Isn't there a movie title that's worded similarly?

I'm trying to think, maybe you can help if you know.

Anyway, it is a great illustration.
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Very nicely done. And I love you've managed to make the illustration your own with just the right, subtle touches. Great job.
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UWAAAH~ I can feel a really strong aura from this. Very powerful!
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I can see why Cloud likes her... she has a great body.
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This is really nice. ^^ I love it, good work! ^^
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very cool, what more can i say?
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the little bit of panties shot is a good tease, pair really well with just half of the face, it looks official and not amateurish, amazing piece of work, poor cloud doesn't get any attention back there.

You really made Aerith so much better haha, congratulations! I agree with MysticFaerie, there's a sort of ethereal feeling to it! :love:
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the contrast of the colors is gorgeous!
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Cool!! :D
Uhmm... sorry, you revealed Aerith's underwear, lol
inukikshikaino's avatar
omg amazing job
im so in love with aeris and cloud
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... I see her underwear! HAHA!

Cool pic though.
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