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Paine One Winged Angel




If you've seen this picture in PC Gamer, YES it was stolen and poorly edited. I am looking into suing NanoPoint for copyright infringement, or at least suing the "artist" that they hired to make those shitty advertisements for them. ~TEKNIKALITY was kind enough to host a scan from the magazine advertisement. If anyone has a copy of this magazine and could send it to me, please send me a note on =minhdo

The terrible advertisement is here: [link]

I can't say I recommend buying their product either since the company is so shady.


Because I've gotten a ton of requests for them, here's a pic of Paine alone. And because I've also been asked a few times, yes you can cosplay this if you want to. I just ask that you show me a photo of the costume ^_^

And because I've been asked... I don't know what the front looks like, you can make it up really. I might do another pic with a front view, but probably not anytime soon.

Wallpaper version: [link]

Final Fantasy X-2, Paine © Square-Enix
Original character design: Tetsuya Nomura
Artwork © Minh Do
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