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PE Lingerie for Bettina

By mr-mister
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Here's my PE lingerie exchange pic for Bettina
This is Dasinorae, one of her characters from her Transcendence manga (see [link]), building a little strategically placed snowman. There's a very strong Asian flavor to the manga, so I decided to make Dasinorae look Asian. At least... I hope she looks Asian... Made in OpenCanvas 2 as usual. If the event file is not too large, I will upload it to PGN later. Go visit Bettina and worship her godly art skills. Those damn swirly circles are harder to make than they look.

"She is an ice fairy of sorts...she loves the cold....but is not cold hearted...she's actually very loving, gentle and warm" She makes snowmen happy :D Hope you like it Bettina!
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Ayedail's avatar
Do you have any idea..
how sexy that looks? :D
Runatal's avatar
This is lovely! I like how you've done the lights on her body!
kingflash's avatar
I wont to be a snowman :sun:
wraithbaby's avatar
The secret in getting asian faces is to make the eyes the focal point. The eyes are slanted, the nose is wide and flat, the jaw structure is pronounced. It's common in the oriental features, maybe get a picture of one for reference, but the picture is amazing, don't change a thing! ^^
jmk1999's avatar
someone's gonna freeze her cooter off! :P anyway, nice depth and shading. looks very tangible and 3-dimensional in the way it's set up. good job. :)
MisfitHeroes's avatar
lol i saw her with see-through bra on so i scrolled down fast thinking i was gonna see something lol sly dude sly
LeondraBeth's avatar
That looks cold!!
mr-mister's avatar
CypressElf's avatar
That looks freakin' freezing.
mr-mister's avatar
Nuvul's avatar
:S Cold. Amazing work ;)
soulfreeze's avatar
Jamaya's avatar
beautiful work :clap:
mr-mister's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
tetsuo211's avatar
Wow!!! I'm speechless..... wonderful image :)
SailorSedna's avatar

u perv, not bad colouring, though i wonder what u thing when u draw things like this ;P
mr-mister's avatar
I was thinkin bout your mom. No just kidding :P I was actually thinking about how to best handle the lighting.
BraceMonkey's avatar
I could never face myself in the mirror again if i didnt' favorite this.

:devartonfire: :toocool: :devartonfire:

i bet her panties are rolled up inside one of the pieces of the snowman :D
mr-mister's avatar
BraceMonkey's avatar
the ones that she isnt currently wearing... ?

alright you win. i'm confused. :thumbsup:
dmario's avatar
i like this...
Eklips-b's avatar
wowowowowowowowow!!!! :heart: :heart:
trops kawai^__^
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