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Penelope Gundam


Penelope by 紫の君
Stage by 怪獣対若大将P


Autolumious & Excellent Shadow by sovoro_mmd
G-Shader by meshi_dane
HGSSAO by HariganeP
o_Viginette by おたもん
HGDiffusion by HariganeP
Beamline by Bentou-T
warfire by わたり
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The Design was epic, but doesn't that too burden? The Armor and Body suit are way over too much even the Leg.

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The Penelope armor is also called the "Fixed-Flight Unit", and it uses a Minovsky Craft Flight System which has usually been installed into the EFSF's warships to help resist the pull of Earth's gravity. This enables the Odysseus Gundam [when combined with the Penelope] to achieve incredible speeds, well beyond the vast majority of past mobile suits.

Aside from that, the Odysseus Gundam has the option to purge the Penelope unit if it becomes too damaged to operate, freeing the Gundam of the then-useless extra weight to fend for itself (which, judging by its arsenal, it can do just fine).

In-spite of its own maximum weight, and the exact alloy composition of its armor, it's not much of a burden at all. The only potential problem with its design is that it's a big target, especially if an enemy pilot is using a mobile suit that rivals the Penelope's sheer speed or the pilot's reaction-times.

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oh thats just the penelope armor.

without the armor it looks like this