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Request: Fun At The Lake

This is the 1st of 3 pics for a request from :iconderpeyhoofs:
Vectors from :iconbirthofthepheonix: :iconcthulhuandyou: :icongrendo11: :iconpatekoro: :iconstabzor: :iconvideogamesizzle:
Photo from :iconderpeyhoofs:
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Is that Lake Lucerne? (I've been there).
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Lol *pushes rarity into the water* :icontrollmorphplz:
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Me: :icontrollrollplz:
Twi: What was that for?!
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Me: Nothing at all Troll 
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Absolutely no reason. I just felt like it. :Deal-with-foxy.GIF 
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XD Twilight pretending to be Jaws
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XD Rainbow Dash's cheesy smile
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Admin: I want.... to fav.... them all :noes:
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Wouldn't being in the water soak Fluttershy's wings?
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when the fuck did Rarity become 8 foot tall?
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rarity:haters gonna hate
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Rarity: Hah the breeze is just purrfect.
Applejack: WEEEHOO
Fluttershy: yay!
PinkiePie: This is soooo fun!!!!!!!
Twilight: RAINBOWWW!!!!
RD: smiles innocently after pushing Twilight down.
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Rarity doesnt want her precious mane to get wet. As for twi, DUN DUN DUN. The Sparkle horn shark. :iconso-awesomeplz:
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What lake is this?
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Kerr Scott Lake in Wilkes county North Carolina
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This looks a lot like Squam Lake in New Hampshire, by the way
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Rarity just chillin' in the background. lol
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