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Pinkies Dentist Appointment

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Now then, let me see.

Ah, ow!


My eye.

Your eye? I thought it was your tooth.

Hm? But it is my tooth.

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Eating tons of sweets has it's problems.
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dont be afraid pnikie i am here!!!:happybounce: 
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She has... 90 cavities. Wow.
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How the heck do you get 90 cavities at once??
More like over 9000 cavities. And maybe type 2 diabetes as well xd.
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aw comeone. if Pinkie afraids dentist, I'm a goatee wassabi muffin :D
GlitteryPikajackXl's avatar
Hi Mr. Goatee Wassabi Muffin (What even is that) x3
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don't know. Just pulled it from hat :)
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BTW,you cave me idea!
GlitteryPikajackXl's avatar
Mr. Goatee Wassabi Muffin now exist YAY x3
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Pinkie should be worried. She consumes more sugar than me and I know the next time I see a dentist my bank account is in for a world of hurt.
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thanks what she get from eating sweets aww poor pinkie 
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Maybe you shouldn't have eaten all that candy.
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Now Pinkie , you've got to go to the dentist if you like it or not.
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i imagine like this XD and Pinkie was like: I DON'T WANT A DENTIST XD
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