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Double Nightmare

The nightmare has been doubled!

Vectors from :iconspiritofthwwolf: :iconzutheskunk: :iconsapoltop:
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Wow  so muy beautiful :D Nightmore Moon & Nightmore Rarity ^^
AgentSparkler's avatar
If Nightmare Moon and Nightmarity are basically the same pony, how could they possibly work together?
SilverWing27's avatar
Oh man. If they worked together, Equestria is doomed. Awesome :) Uh not the fact that Equestria is doomed I mean. Just how the picture looks.
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ravenelite's avatar
nightmare moon is my fav.
nightmare rarity i think is ok (because i don't like rarity that much as luna)
agentchrismarco17's avatar
Nightmare Moon: "Ha ha, the fun has been doubled!"
Nightmare Rarity: "Indeed it has."
Me: "Yay!"
Chaos51268's avatar
:iconnightmarerarityplz::iconsaysplz:The darkness of night is the greatest beauty of all.  Don't you agree?
dabibly's avatar
yeah you get a favorite, watch and a spot as my new wallpaper for my laptop. i friggin love this

Chaos51268's avatar
:iconnightmarerarityplz::iconsaysplz:With Nightmare Moon at my side, not only shall the night last forever, but so shall the BEAUTY OF DARKNESS!
Mobin-Da-Vinci's avatar
Heehee I must say, it's rather interesting to lay thee optics on. But may I ask, what thee program ye use?
Mr-Kennedy92's avatar
Mobin-Da-Vinci's avatar
Do you have to pay?
Mr-Kennedy92's avatar
I got mine for free by downloading it using a free trial of WinZip.
Mobin-Da-Vinci's avatar
Vilcronos's avatar
Love beautiful princesses ^^ so muy impressive Nightmore moon :happybounce: La la la la 
gogeta17's avatar
did you get tge raruty thing from gojira 12? cuz if you did, mega applebuck you!!!!
TheDemonOfSloth's avatar
The nightmare has been doubled? Holy shit!! :omg:

On second thoughts... yay! :iconprincesslunadanceplz:
Blackvegetable's avatar
Well, what could I say? We are in deep shit! :omg:

But other than that, lovely work! :D
Pia-sama's avatar
hahaha for the title xDD
009-1's avatar
Very creative =D
Scourge-the-Unholy's avatar
:iconnightmarerarityplz: + :iconnightmaremoonplz: = :icondoomedplz:
Good thing I love and worship the two...
TheDemonOfSloth's avatar
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