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“Will!!!” Came crying out from down stairs, and was answered with the typical teen rolling eyes and reply from up the stairs. “What?!” .

“Package for you!!” was a reply the young red head didn’t expect. She immediately dropped her pencil, discarded her home work and rushed down the steps just as her mom left the room.

“Huh…I didn’t order anything…” She picked up the package and noticed it was rather heavy for something so small…

Shrugging, she hurried back up stairs to see what she got in private. Taking a moment to pick up her schoolbooks, and tossed them onto her bed. She immediately turned her attention back to the desk. She slid the package onto her desk and sat down, looking at it for a moment. At first, eying it suspiciously.

“Hmm…” she muttered, tapping her foot against the leg of her chair.

With another shrug, she pulled out her scissors and started cutting the tape that sealed her surprise. Her disappointment grew, as she slowly opened it to discover it was just more wrapping paper, some odd-shaped object and a large flat tablet of some sort.

She pulled out the object first and unwrapped it like a candy. Slowly, savoring each moment of excitement, only to get left with the flavor she didn’t like.

“Err… What is it?” She looked at it, then turned it around and blushed a deep red, almost as red as her hair.

“It’s a naked. . pregnant. . woman…” She shivered and started to place it on the desk, until something deep inside her started to stir.

She pulled the figure back to her face and a small smile started to creep across her face. The thought of children entered her mind and then the silly thought of being as burdened as this overly exaggerated depiction of pregnancy. Then, something different and odd crossed her mind. The statue was getting warmer to the touch. The more she held it, the more it seemed to match the temperature of her hands. She didn’t know how it could be this fast, but figured it was just from holding it so tightly, until it got warmer then her hands. Confused, she looked it over some more, to see if it was a gag. Or if it had batteries. But it just got warmer, not hot, just warmer. And then she, herself, felt warmer. Not all around her body, but deep and low inside her.

“What the…” She said out loud, from her confused thoughts.

Leaning back, she looked down past her modest bust and at her stomach. Confused, her hand went to investigate and was met by a small bump just under the waist band of her sweat pants. Her hand seemed just as confused and shocked as she when it pulled away. But a building pressure drew her hand back and then pulled away in shock again as the bump seemed. . .

"Bigger?!" she yelped.

Confused and freaking out, she shook her hands about like a little child that had just burned her hand. Her thoughts immediately jumped back to the warm statue. She remembered it and immediately put it down on the deck, pulling away from it in fear.

“Okay… This is freaky…” her attention returned to her stomach, pouched and feeling like she had eaten a whole Thanksgiving turkey herself. Both her hands this time slipped past her shirt and under the strap of her sweats. Each hand coming around a small rise of her lower belly until they slid deeper to find a larger bump.

“Oh my God! I look like I’m pregnant!”

Rocketing off the chair, she staggered, noticing it felt like a rock was sitting on her hips. But she continued on and opened her closet door exposing a vanity mirror. She turned to her profile and pulled her sweats down just enough to let her bump show then hid it again in fear.

“Oh my god! I 'AM' pregnant!”

Royally freaking, she put one hand over her mouth to try and slow her breathing. The other not daring to leave her bump, as if to make sure it was real. Passing around the room as if she had a destination, only to turn and walk the other way over and over, pacing back and forth.


She turned back to her desk and pulled out the heavy flat object from the package and ripped off its wrapping. She had no patience now to savor anything like before.

“A tablet…” she muttered.

She placed it carefully on the desk and made sure she wasn’t touching it in any way as she sat back down with a little uncomfortable

“Oof. .” she sighed.

Looking over the tablet, she realized it was ancient and something not from this world. Apart from that, she had no clue! Though, she wondered, one of her friends might and they were having a private sleep over together. Letting out a sigh of relief, she slumped back into her chair and put her forearm over her eyes, the other absentmindedly checking to see if that bump was...

“Still there…” she uttered with discomfort.


Picking her brain all this time, she let a yawn out as she looked the tablet over one more time.

“I should have studied ancient magic text…” She sighed, defeated.

Her mind continued to wander. Nagging thoughts pecked at her mind until a voice snapped her out of her daze, and brought her back down to Earth.

"Will, don't you need to get getting somewhere?" the voice chimed at her.

Turning her attention to the voice, she noticed it was her clock talking to her. Looking closer at the clock, she realized what time it was.

“I-I-I got to get ready!” she stuttered

Stopping just as she got up, she felt her slightly stretched belly rub her sweats. With a huff, she blew some strands of hair from her face. Turning on her heel, she faced the statue and glared scornfully.

‘This is your fault!” she stated dramatically at the tiny figure, pointing her finger as a mother would a small child.

Sighing, she turned away, with her arms down in defeat as if the statue had won against her. She had already packed her P.J.s and some snacks for the sleep over. Now though, she had to pack some more. She wasn’t sure if they’d fit anymore, or if the snacks would be enough! Going under her bed, she pulled out her stash of junk food and started tossing things into her pack. Not noticing the furry brown thing that fell in after the trail mix.

Getting up off the floor was different matter all together. She had to maneuver her legs around and lift herself up. The “bowling ball”, as she was dubbing the bump, on her hips was getting in the way. In truth though, it was only a small and modest bump. And as she slipped her jacket on, it was hidden rather well.

"WILL! Are you ready?!" Her mom bellowed from down stairs to see if she had remembered her sleepover. Her teen mind set quickly took over again, and with a roll of her eyes, she shouted back

“I’m almost Ready MOM!” mumbling a little more afterwards, for no real reason.

Picking up her pack, she almost makes it out the door before turning on her heels again clumsily. The newfound weight messing with her normal equilibrium. Taking a few steps back to her desk, grabbing the tablet and stuffing it in a side pocket. Her attention then turned to the statue. Hesitantly, she looked the statue over

“Naw… it wouldn’t…”

Gambling, she picked it up quickly, immediately finding it to already warm! In her panic, she fumbled with it and tried to stuff it into a pocket a little too small for it. With one great shove, she managed to get it in. The figure bulged out the side of her pack.

Sighing with relief, she rubbed her forehead, then swung the pack around her shoulders and headed out the door. Her hands slipped into her side pockets, only for her hands to bump into something. Blanching over, she rubbed her hands around it. Her stomach, in that short while, had grown more! Not dramatically so, but it was obvious to her, the bump being more of a bulge now. And if not for her jacket, it would be very obvious to the world!

Nervously, she fidgeted as she waited for her mom to get ready to drive her to the sleep over. Remaining quiet, her hands explored her belly more through her jacket, not noticing her mom coming up from behind her. With a shock, her mom tapped her shoulder.

"Are you sure you have everything?" she asked, checking if she was ready.

“I. . .umm. . . Y-yeah, I’m ready!” she smirked and showed off her pack with a turn.

Part way in her turn, she mumbled under her breath, “maybe not ready for motherhood... but ready, I guess. . .” meeting her Mom's face with a false smile.


The car ride was a nightmare! She couldn’t take her hands out of her pockets. To her horror, when she sat in the passenger side seat, her belly had pushed her jacket out! The only thing she could think of to explain it if it came up, was it was just her hands in there. Nervously, she answered her mom’s questions about her day. The rest of the way there, she just sat there quietly.

The moment the car stopped at Cornelia's house, she nearly ripped the door off to escape the nightmare she was in. Pulling her pack out, she waved to her mom, trying to act as nonchalantly as possible. Slowly went to the door, she found to her horror, that her legs weren’t listening to her and she wobbled her way up the pathway as her Mom left.

“Wobble?... WADDLE?!? No no no!” she screamed in her head, hoping her Mother didn't notice. She loudly knocked on the door, almost as if to cry out for help! The door opened and a familiar face greeted her. It was Cornelia, though she wasn’t paying attention. Calling back to one of the other girls before turning her attention fully to the door.

“Oh, Will! It’s you! I thought it was the pizza boy...” She laughed and went back inside, leaving the door open for Will.

Will wasn’t even mad or anything, the sound of pizza was very appealing! She dropped her pack with the others, but kept her jacket on. In her mind, she wasn’t quite ready to just come out and say 'Hay! I’m pregnant! Look at my belly! It’s all big! Lock the fridge or I’m going to gobble it all to feed my bowling ball!'

The others were looking at Will fidget, looking down at her jacket, appearing to be deep in thought or something.

“Will… you okay?” Irma spoke out, honestly worried.

Will snapped to attention and loudly blurted “I’m not fat!” then looked at everyone, stunned at her own words.

“Um… hi?" she quickly added sheepishly, hoping to not arouse any suspicion.

They all looked at her for a moment more before turning back and continuing their own business. Will stood there, sweating and flushed. She stepped out of the room and found a seat to sink into. With the other girls wrapped up in their own world, she pointed to her pack dramatically.

She muttered out with venom, “This is your fault!” before squeaking as the door bell went off.

“Pizza’s here!” Cornelia proclaimed out loud to everyone.

Those two words sounded like heaven, and Will licked her lips. Before she had time to think, she instinctively tried to heft herself up the best she could off the couch. Failing the first two times, before she finally gained enough momentum to stand on a third attempt. Putting a hand to her back instinctively, she waddled as fast as she could to the kitchen before grabbing a piece of pizza, folding it and then tearing into it like she hadn’t eaten in a week. The others girls could only stare in disbelief at Will as she gobbled up the slice of pizza, reach for another, folding it and making it disappear just as quickly as the first.

It wasn’t until after the 5th slice that the other girls finally shrugged off their disbelief and took their own slices, leaving Will to gorge herself like a hog. They took 1 or 2 slices before heading back off into the living room to watch a movie Taranee brought with her.

“It’s 'Night of the Pod People from Planet Super Omega Priiiiiime'!” She giggled as the other girls looked at each other, not amused.

“Do we still have that other movie with girl meets the boy and they fall in love?” Cornelia said to Hay-lin and Irma. They both shrugged simultaneously while it was Taranee’s turn to look not amused.

“C’mon! This is a classic!” she pleaded defensively.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Will had killed the pizza. She moaned and groaned, leaning back in a chair, and rubbed her belly. She felt hot still being in her jacket and absentmindedly took it off, pulled up her shirt over her belly and rubbed it in generous circles.

“Ugh… I can’t believe I ate the whole thing…” she moaned.

Finally with some courage she looked down at herself, and in her mind, she was huge! In truth, she’d only pass for a mother in the middle of her pregnancy. Letting out another groan, she complained as her stomach gurgled as it worked on all that food.

“Hey… we need some popcorn for the movie!” echoed into the kitchen.

It took Will a moment to register she was still in the kitchen. The microwave was in the Kitchen. Someone was coming! Struggling in the chair like a turtle on it’s back, she fought against her own weight to get up. It was too late. Irma had come in the kitchen and walked right past Will. She reached up to the cabinet, pulled out the popcorn pouch, and popped it into the microwave. Turning her attention to check on Will

“Hey Will, we’re going to. . .” She stopped talking, her finger rising from her side to point at Will.

“Umm…Geeze Will you had to eat all that pizza? Well, you are going to get fat!” Irma scolded her, shaking her finger at her like a authorative mother.

At that moment, it was either just her pride or the hormones, her face turned red, she raised a finger back at Irma and shouted.

“I’m NOT FAT! I’m PREGNANT you JERK!” Quickly she covered her mouth and stared out into space, not really at Irma who stood there, before finally fainting on the kitchen floor.

The other girls heard the shouting, though they couldn't make out the words, or understand what could be happening. As they rushed in, they spotted Irma on the floor, dazed and confused, muttering something. They went to her side first, until Hay-lin heard a chair creek and she spotted Will still on the chair, breathing in a panic, causing her already bulging belly to swell and contract before them.

“Umm… Cornelia… something is up with Will!” Hay-lin said, as she poked Cornelia to get her attention. Cornelia sighed, turning her attention away from Irma.

“What?! Can’t you see Irma is…” She spotted Will herself now, and began tugging at Taranee’s shoulder to get her attention as well.

“Oh my Gosh! Will, your stomach!” Cornelia's declared, her voice filled with shock and awe.


The girls gathered up their shocked and swollen friend, and helped her settle into the living room. But not before Taranee had to run off as they started to smell burning popcorn coming from the Kitchen. Shortly afterwards, the fire alarms had their batteries removed and the kitchen window was opened. Once Taranee returned, they all sat around Will in stunned silence. Finally, someone decided to break the unbearable torture and speak.

“Will… what happened? That can’t all be pizza…” Irma asked, with Hay-lin and the others nodding as they leaned in closer, staring at the girls swollen gut.

All Will could do was fidget on the couch, sinking into it with her added weight. She shyly looked away from her friends, like a kid that just broke her parents vase.

“Well, It’s a long story…" she finally started. "Well not so much long as in weird and complicated. This all happened this afternoon. I got a weird package today and inside it was a statue and a tablet. I started looking them over and then the statue got warm, then I got warm, then I got bigger!” She pointed at her belly, arching her back to make it look bigger to emphasize her point.

The others just stared at her confused and amazed, their friend confessing to being knocked up by a magical item. Hay-lin couldn't help but giggle to herself. The others girls quickly turned to her and glared, getting the point that this is all serious. She quickly piped up and they resumed their focus on Will's situation.

The new attention forced Will’s emotions to shift, tears welling up in her eyes, huffing and puffing over her situation. The others, taking pity, stepped up and gathered around her. Trying to comfort her with pats on her shoulder and holding her hand. Will couldn't help but enjoy the comfort her friends were giving, and slowly calmed down. Hay-lin had snuck off for a second to bring her back some tissues to wipe her eyes and clear out her nose. The noise that her nose made gave them all the giggles, cheering up Will even more.

“Sooo…. Did you bring that magic-thing-y with you?” Cornelia brought up, a little smugly. The others eyed her a moment, but gave into the fact it was a good point. Will nodded

“It’s in the pack.” Sniffling, she cleaned herself up some more. At the same time though, Hay-lin was over by Will’s pack nosing. And the first thing she noticed was the bulge poking out the side. The others, meanwhile, continued to comfort Will, giving her all kinds of attention. And she was loving it! Part of her was playing along, taking in every moment she could get and enjoy the moment as odd as it was. Until Hay-lin's voice captured all of their attention.

“Hey… This thing is getting kind of warm!” Hay-lin said confused, raising it over her head to show it off. The moment it caught Will’s eyes, they went wide with shock.

“Put it down! Didn’t you listen to my story?!” Will bellowed at Hay-lin, letting her emotions slip and showing a hint of anger in her voice.

Hay-lin, confused and a tad scared, put the statue down on her lap as it took a moment to register. It was too late though, the warm feeling that Will had told them about and tried to warn them of, started to effect her as well. The others watched on as she looked down, one hand holding the statue, the other moving past her T-shirt to cup the slowly swelling bulge on her lithe frame. Finally she let the statue go and let it roll on the floor a few feet away.

“Umm… oops?” Hay-lin meeped innocently.


"Didn't you listen to anything I said?" Will moaned towards Hay-lin. She relaxed herself and leaned back, letting out a defeated sigh.

"Well, looks like we have two big preggos to deal with no-. . ." Irma snapped, before Cornelia jammed her in the side and cut her off. Cornelia and Taranee shot disappointed and disapproving glares at Irma. Irma just simply covered her mouth and chose to remain silent, not wanting to get hurt again.

"Okay. First thing's first. Let's try to get Hay-lin settled next to Will. Them Irma and I'll take the tablet and try to translate what it means." Taranee chimed in, with the others all nodding in agreement. "And maybe we can figure out a way to reverse whatever's happened."

Cornelia, Irma and Taranee helped Hay-lin up, and sat her next to Will on the couch. After giving the girls pillows to put behind their back, Irma and Taranee grabbed the tablet and headed off to try and decipher the lettering, leaving Will and Hay-lin together on the couch to rest. Shortly afterwards, the two began poking each other, and sharing their feelings on what it was like.

“You know… it isn’t so bad." Hay-lin giggled. "I mean, Will you’re. . .um. . . further along, what’s it like?” She quizzed, giving a poke to Will's belly. Will blushed and held her belly.

“Heavy for one… though kind of… special? I mean I’m pregnant! It’s a little early in my life and… eh, a guy didn’t help me get to this point, but… it’s just special!” She smiled, holding onto her belly, rubbing it here and there. Hay-lin nodded, leaning back to rub her belly and look it over, part of her was a little envious of Will being well… more blessed!

"I'm getting kind of thirsty. . ." Will whined, snapping Hay-lin out of her fantasy world. "Cornelia, could you please get us something to drink?" she asked.

"What? I'm not your maid! Go get something yourself!" Cornelia shot back. As she turned her attention to look Will in the face, she was met with two pairs of puppy-dog eyes.

"Pweeeeeeeeeeese" Hay-lin whispered sadly, giving a pat on her belly to add extra guilt.

"FINE!" Cornelia smarted off, as she stormed out of the room into the kitchen. Will and Hay-lin giggled to themselves and poked each other.


“Well… this symbol means life… That one means blessed… I can’t find the others!” Taranee said disappointed, staring at symbols on the tablet and in a book. Irma slightly nodded and continued looking through pages of an old books.

“Can’t we just… you know, go to Kandrakar and… you know get help?” Cornelia hollered into them, as she entered the living room carrying drinks.

“Are you kidding?! We don't know who even SENT this thing!" Taranee lectured back in to her, fire in her tone. "We have no clue as to who could be waiting take advantage of us being two witches down? Plus, I think those two would be embarrassed to even try and do something…” Irma nodded in agreement while keeping her face in a book. "And I'd rather doubt the Oracle would be of much help anyway. . ." she finished, tired of arguing. Cornelia. Just sighed as she entered the room with them.

"Geez. It was just a suggestion. Didn't have to bite my head off for it." she replied, plopping in a chair, her back turned to the others as she started to do her nails and pout, defeated.


“Oof!" Will grunted, as she fidgeted on her little spot of the couch. Hay-lin looked over at her, worried

“You okay Will?... you’re not in…” she start, before Will cut her off, sticking a finger in front of her mouth.

“NOOO…. I need to use the bathroom… think you could help me up?” Hay-lin sighed with relief, wiggled herself off the couch, and then helped Will up after her. Dramatically taking her hands and pulling with a strained look on her face.

“Hey… I’m not that big!” Will pouted, catching sight of Hay-lin's face.

"Tell that to my back!” Hay-lin groaned playfully. With a little effort, Will was up and heading off to the bathroom. Left alone, Hay-lin sunk back into her spot on the couch again, already getting bored. She played with her still innie belly button, before sighing with a yawn, looking up until her eyes met the discarded statue.


The three girls left slim, continued to work on finding some more answers.

“Heavy with Blessed Life” Irma said out loud, sighing. "It's not much, but it's a start, at least." Their attention was quickly pulled away from the books as they heard the heavy creaking and plodding along of Will, who passed by the door.

“Sorry Cornelia… I have to use your bathroom.” she sighed, wore out from the short trek. With that remark, Cornelia’s eyes went wide

“Don’t you DARE break my toilet!” she shot off. Will just stuck her tongue out at her and waddled on to her goal. The others looked at Cornelia with disgust and shook their heads before turning back to work. Will mumbled grouchily, and made her way into the bathroom, slamming the door closed behind her. Cornelia simply rolled her eyes, and returned back to reading books herself.


Hay-lin eyed the statue like a pregnant woman eyeing pickled flavored ice cream. Fidgeting, she did her best to avoid thinking of it and began playing with her belly button again. Then, as she grew even more bored only a minute later, waiting for Will’s return, she sighed and watched her belly swell out then back with each breath she took. Taking a deep breathes, she marveled as her belly puffed out and expanded. That was the last straw, and her eyes quickly refocused on the statue. It couldn’t hurt to pick up the statue, she thought, and get a little bigger!

Rocking herself gently back and forth, she built up enough force to stand. Getting up off the couch, she made her way closer to the statue, stubbing her toe on a chair leg. Grumbling, she sat on the floor and stared at the pregnant stone figure on the floor. Playfully, like a cat, she poked it. Nothing happened. She put her finger behind it, and rolled it closer to her. Her focus so intent on moving the statue, she never noticed the warmth building up. Nor did she notice the subtle changes to her body as she touched and moved it.

Disappointed and growing impatient, she picked it up, the statue already warm to the touch. Looking back down at herself, she smiled enjoying the sight of her buttoned down shirt being pushed up little by little, her yellow skin slowly peaking out over her shorts.

“Now we’re talking!” She smiled to herself as she watched on, her belly slowly continuing to grow. It was almost addicting to her. Will was right, it was special!

And the more she grew, the more special it became! She looked down, and noticed her modest bust was changing slightly, as it started to come into view. She was starting to get bigger than Will was, and she enjoyed it! It wasn’t long before her ballooning belly started to strain her shirt’s buttons.

“Oh, no you don’t! These are my favorite P.J.s!” She protested and pulled her shirt up, sitting back more as her belly continued to grow.

She closed her eyes and smiled, reveling in the growth and warmth she felt. Then she heard the sound of a toilet flushing from down the hall, and snapped awake. Panicking, she tried to get up as fast as she could, only to wobble on her back side. Grumbling, she turned onto all fours and let her belly hang down. Then the toilet flushed again, she couldn’t help but let out a little laugh. Crawling across the floor, she made her way to the couch and used it to lift herself up. As she stood straight, she arched her back and let her belly push out.

To her shocked surprise, she was, to put it simply, huge! Her belly was almost crushingly heavy, the weight forcing her to spread her legs a little. Turning around, she lowered herself on the couch before she realized why she was getting close having the honor of telling the team they have a few new members! She was still holding the statue! She thought of putting it back on the floor, but it was too late. She heard Will creaking and wobbling her way back slowly. She looked around, panicking. Her belly still growing larger, even light marks and lines started to form on her over stretched skin. All the stress was getting to her, and she couldn't think straight. She sloppily stuffed it between the couch cushions before she pushed herself off the couch with a mighty effort, and waddled off to the kitchen to calm herself. As soon as Will entered, she noticed Hay-lin was missing.

“Hay?! Where’d you go?!” She called out. Hay-lin panicked, let out an "eep" under her breathe as she waddled, and hid in the kitchen pantry

“Um… In the Kitchen! I was getting a snack! Err...yeah!”  she replied back, hiding among the potato chips and other snacks. Her stomach growled, she wasn’t exactly lying. Holding onto her swollen sides, she couldn’t help but smiled a bit.

“Okay!”  Will shouted back to her, and sat back on her spot of the couch, with a sigh of relief to get off her feet. She mumbled as it felt like something bumped her tail bone. Reaching back to examine it, she pulled out the remote for the TV.

“Ah, was looking for you!” smiling, she started flicking through the channels of Cornelia’s expensive 2000 channel TV, oblivious to the gentle touch of the statue on her backside

Will flicked the channels over and over, in the hopes that something of interest would come on. All the while, each slight touch of the statue was slowly adding to her burden without her knowing. It was slow most of the time. Her body getting slowly warmer, but she never noticed. Figuring it was just her body getting comfortable on the couch. Will was unaware of the subtle changes taking place. The millimeter here. The centimeter there with each pass the statue made across the bare skin of her back. With each touch, her body would warm up, but she only thought of it to be her sweat pants. Fidgeting and fumbling with her waist band, she pulled them off and kicked them away. All the movement kept her slowly growing heavier body from touching the hidden culprit, allowing her body to cool off.

“Not like anyone here will care if I’m sitting here in my undies!” she reasoned to herself out loud, and sat back again. Resuming flicking through thee channels, the slight warmth returned. She dismissed and grew bored. She yawned, and slowly drifted off to sleep. Her weighty body sinking into the cushions, allowing her to brush against the statue again and make longer contact with it.


As Will drifted off to sleep, she began to dream of motherhood. Holding her baby girl in her arms, feeding it with a bottle. Matt standing next to her, holding her shoulders. She smiled, happy and content with her future.

In the real world, things were much different. The statue was feeding the growth of her belly. It slowly crept out at first, gradually passing through the days, then months and so on. Her well built thighs slowly being pushed wider by her belly. The gradual change in her weight slowly, and malevolently, sinking her deeper into the couch. Her back pressing more and more into the top of the statue.

Will’s dream continued peacefully, however. Blissfully unaware of the changes taking place to her in reality. The lovely baby cooed as she played patty cake with it. Matt reappeared at her side, and handed her another baby, as if appearing from nowhere. She didn’t mind, though. Both arms filled with cooing infants was soothing and she couldn’t help but smile.

In reality, her swollen belly was picking up speed from the prolonged touch of the statue. Her slow, ballooning middle pushing out more and more. Even her modest bust had started to register her growing mother hood, and started to fill her buttoned blue P.J. top. The gradual growth was becoming not so gradual, however. Her belly peaking up higher and higher, like a growing summit of fertility as it swelled out to a size a mother would start to worry if she’d ever give birth. The obvious change in her weight pushed her more onto the statue and her belly almost lurched forward. Her slowly compressed lungs letting out a gasp and moan. For a moment, she instinctively arched her back, breaking the connection again. Her swollen belly so large a mother would start to expect it was a 10 pound baby or even… twins?

Will happily held the two babies as they rested, filling each arm and her heart with pride. Her attention was so focused on the little ones breathing, that she almost didn’t notice the third baby placed on her lap.

If only she knew in the real world, her swollen form had settled back down on the statue. Her small frame now burdened by a very swollen belly. Anyone that stepped into the room now would say she was going to have twins any moment! Her heavy belly was getting too heavy now for her to arch her back and the statue was hard at work taking advantage of that. The rising mountain of her belly was picking up speed again, causing her to swell out monstrously! Her stretched and swollen belly had started to fill her lap, and unlike Hay-lin, it wasn’t until now that her fair skin started to bare marks of stress. Light little stripes, only a few, started to appear on her swollen sides as it started to look like triplets would be her destiny.

In her dream, she was ecstatic to have so many little ones with her. Deep in her heart she knew they were hers! Off in the distance, she saw a forth being carried to her. Not able to make out who was bringing her next child to her, she didn’t care! The cooing little bundle of joy was so close, until suddenly, everything started to shake and spin. The motherly image, slowly swirled around like a painting melting away in a swirl of colors. Will’s eyes fluttered open. It looked like the room was spinning. Someone was calling out her name as she could suddenly feel hands on her shoulders being shaken!

“Whaa-. . . whaat?” She whined, rubbing her eyes, looking back she saw Cornelia’s face.

“What’s going on?” Will asked confused, trying to get up, only to feel like a big bowling ball was left on her lap.

“Take it easy Will… You’re in no condition to get up…”  Cornelia said surprisingly worried. To her, even as she watched, Will’s swollen belly was still growing.

“The statue is missing… do you have it?” Cornelia asked with real concern. Will only looked up, confused. Fidgeting around, she felt something poking her back side, but she was too heavy to even tilt over enough to reach

“Some-… something’s poking me in the back…” Will stuttered, wincing. Cornelia nodded and reached behind her, hoping it was just the remote. Grabbing onto something warm, she dismissed it as just being warm from Will’s body heat. She tugged and tugged, until finally it popped out. In her hand was the statue and as she stood up she looked down to catch her own stomach swelling out!

“Ohhhh No! Will!” She called out with aggravation and fear in her voice. Quickly she put the statue on a table, turning to face Will with a deep red blush and look of rage on her face.

“Ugh!” she grunted in anger. Will, on the other hand, couldn’t care less. Her own eyes had looked down to investigate the bowling ball on her lap, only to find something more along the lines of a lead filled beach ball.

“W-what h-happened to m-me?!” she asked out loud, her voice trembling from the sudden rush of fear and confusion.

“You were sitting on the statue you twit!” Cornelia snapped back, her own hands rubbing her stomach. It was swollen out to the point in a pregnancy she couldn’t hide it.

“I didn’t put it there on purpose! Like I want to be this big!?” Will huffed and put her hands on either side of her huge middle and jiggled it to emphasize her point!

Cornelia’s face turned a deeper red, stomped her foot and left. Wobbling off to the kitchen the best she could, trying to avoid the waddle her legs were trying to make her perform. Making a B line to the kitchen, she went to the pantry for a snack to eat away her frustration. Only to discover Hay-lin was sitting on the floor with wrappers all around her and a swollen over full term belly resting between her legs. Hay-lin gave a weak smile and waved to Cornelia.

“Umm… hi! Ya found me… Want a chip?” she asked innocently, in-between crunching on a handful of chips herself.


“I’m in so much trouble! There’s no way I can hide this from my mother!” Will bemoaned to herself, as she entered full panic mode. Her swollen belly was almost out to her knees, and it felt like it weighed a ton! Her emotions got the better of her, and changed tracks. Her eyes began filling with tears. Her hyperventilating breaths causing a button on her top to pop, letting a little more of her new cleavage show. Taranee and Irma entered the room, to check out all the commotion. Their faces expressionless, jaws dropped. Only able to watch, not sure what to do.

“Look who I found" Cornelia stated as she returned with a cookie jar in one arm, and dragging Hay-lin in with the other. "It seems it was Hay-lin with the magical fertility statue in the living room that got us all stuck so far in mother hood!” she grumped, munching on a cookie. Hay-lin just smiled weakly and waved to everyone.

“Sorry… I was a little too tempted!” she apologized meekly as Cornelia let go of her. She stood before them and they all saw what she had done. Her belly swollen out, looking as if she should have had that baby a month or more ago. Cornelia walked over to the statue on the table’s corner, pulled out the few cookies left inside of the jar, and put it over the statue.

“No touchie! Especially you Hay-lin!” Cornelia proclaimed, adding a bit of scolding as she say Hay-lin's name. Hay-lin could only hang her head and look down into her own altered bust in shame, though a little grin crossed her face when she looked passed them to see her belly. Cornelia, in a sign of good will, gave Will the remaining cookies and plopped down next to her.

“Sorry I accused you of my situation.” She said, hoping to patch things up with the obviously over-filled girl with more than enough on her mind and hips. Will smiled a little and nodded, wiping some of the tears from her eyes. She nibbled on a cookie, slowly at first, getting crumbs on her shirt and down her cleavage. Then quickly devoured the remaining cookies as the scent of chocolate overwhelmed her. The others gathered around them, Irma sneaking a giggle as she saw Will scarfing down the cookies. Hay-lin being given a time-out with a spot on the couch, the others sitting on the floor with the tablet.

“We didn’t get too far with the translation.” Irma said, reluctantly.

“We have this so far.” Taranee said, taking over. Pulling out a piece of paper, and looking it over with what they had on it.

“It says “The goddess of blank shares her blessed life to blank who desire great blank and blank…” she stated, sighing with defeat as she put the paper down in defeat.

“Sorry we didn’t get much more.” Irma added.


Reluctantly, the girls decided to take a break and continue their sleep over as they intended. They all agreed after spending much of the night already trying to figure the tablet out and a remedy for their situation, they deserved a rest! The original plan was to have fun together, and they figured it was about time to stop being serious and have some fun! Despite their sizes, it didn’t look like anyone was going into labor any time soon. They had set up their sleeping bags in the living room after helping Will back on the couch and getting comfortable. With pillows helping to support her body, she was given the remote, though still found nothing on TV.

“Hey… How about a little truth or dare?!” Hay-lin called out, trying to find a way to end the boredom. The others nodded, though they agreed not to ask any strenuous dares to the swollen friends. They giggled and joked a while longer before getting down to the game.

“So! Who’s first?” Hay-lin asked out, eager to fill the roll for some reason.

“I think the one who’s been through the most should have first dibs.” Irma caught on and pointed to Will.

“You mean the biggest!” Hay-lin pouted as she crossed her arms across her chest, making them bulge a bit.

“Hay-lin!?” Cornelia bellowed, the others too shocked to speak.

“Fine, she can go first…” Hay-lin muttered, as she took back what she said and gave in. Will sighed and looked the group over before picking her prey.

“Taranee… truth or dare?” she said, pointing at the first victim. Taranee looked a little surprised before she took a moment to decide.

“Truth!” She smiled with confidence.

“Taranee, Does this belly make me look fat? Be honest now!” Will grinned. Taranee was taken back by the question and stuttered her words for a moment.

“Y-yes. . . No! um. . .I. . . Sorry Will, you asked. . .” Taranee looked away, but Will giggled over her friend fretting over the trick question.

“It’s okay… hehe, sorry it was too much to resist.” she joked as she giggled, letting the earlier troubles of the night slip her mind briefly. Taranee smiled, feeling a little better after seeing Will's reaction. It was her turn now, to pick a victim.

“Hay-lin! Truth or Dare” Taranee said, turning to face her choice. Hay-lin clapped her hands excitedly to get picked so soon!

“Truth!” She eagerly replied as she smiled, waiting for Taranee’s question.

“Why did you touch the statue…” Taranee asked, cocking her head to the side as she stared her down. Hay-lin’s heart dropped. She hadn’t thought of this

“It’s well... I just… Will was bigger then me!” she admitted.

“Still am!” Will spoke up, giving a loud smack to her belly and letting it jiggle to emphasize her point. The others giggled.

“Well, that wasn’t the only reason!... She said it was special and she’s right! It feels so new and different! I mean look at me!” She leaned back and arched her back, her belly hung out into everyone's view. “So... I kind of gave in, I mean I was already showing, might as well go for broke?” The others nodded half-heartedly, trying to understand the best they could. Hay-lin grinned, looking the other girls over. They were starting to get worried after her confession as she eyed them.

“Irma! Truth or dare!” she spoke, as she got a devilish grin. Irma coward back in shock. After that odd, truthful confession, she didn't know what to expect. Still being far more mobile then the others, she opted for a dare

“Dare me!” Irma shot back at Hay-lin, who only quickly grinned eagerly like a mischievous little kid.

“Touch the statue!” The others gasped, especially Irma.

“Y-you can’t be serious! T-that isn’t right!” she stammered. Hay-lin just looked back at Irma and nodded deviously. The others looked at each other with worried expressions, then back at Irma and Hay-lin. This was a little much.

“C’mon Hay-lin... ask for something else?” Will spoke up with a worried tone, the others looking to each other for confirmation of how crazy this was getting. Hay-lin just looked at Irma with serious eyes.

“C’mon Irma… Join us!” she leaned forward, rubbing her belly. The others started laughing, then Cornelia spoke up

“Yes, Join us!” she said in a monotone voice, devoid of emotion. Will soon began laughing so hard, her body shook the couch.

“Oh no, that’s too much! Hahaha! S-Stop! I-I gotta go!” Will stammered, struggling to get her body up off the couch. Taranee was quick to rush over and help lift her off the couch. With a sigh, Will put her arms behind her and arched her back as she waddled her way to the bathroom again.

“Fine fine. How bout you get us preggy girls a snack?” Hay-lin gave in and let it go. Irma let out a sigh of relief.

“Now that I can do! I’m taking orders! What does everyone want?” Irma looked around as they stopped to decide.

"Oh! Oh! I'll take some nachos, covered in melted cheese and topped with some chocolate chips. Oo! Oo! And a big glass of chocolate milk topped with whipped cream and a pickle spear!" Hay-lin was quick to give her order. Taranee and Irma could only blink in disbelief as they heard her order.

". . .O-Okay..." Irma said. "Cornelia, you want anything?" turning to her, after writing Hay-lin's craving down.

"Actually, I'd like couple more slices of that pizza. On one, add a couple big scoops of ice cream, covered in loads of honey and some chili cheese chips crumbled around it. And take the other slice and put it on top upside down, like a sandwich. Oh! And a diet root beer! Gotta watch my figure!" Cornelia gave her order, faintly licking her lips at the thought of the strange sandwich. The other two could only blink again.

"Ooookay. . ." Irma replied, writing down Cornelia's order. "Taranee, you want anything?"

"I-I. . .N-" Taranee started, before rushing off to the bathroom, nearly knocking down Will as she made her waddle back.

"What was that all about?" Will asked, as she plopped back onto the couch, sinking deep into it.

"I was just taking food orders from everybody" Irma replied, the faint sounds of retching being heard in the background. "You want anything?"

"Hmm..well...Now that you mention it. . ." she said, giving her belly a rub as her tummy began to rumble at the mention of food. "I'd like a nice big root beer float. Three scoops of ice cream, two of them chocolate. One vanilla. And toped with 5 cherries. And a ham, turkey, and chicken sandwich. Topped with onions, tomatoes, peppers, pineapple and Dijon mustard and mayo." she said, a slight dribble of drool coming from the crack of her mouth.

"Right..." Irma wrote down the order, no longer surprised at the weird orders. "This...might take me a bit. . " she sighed, as she made her way into the kitchen.


It was a while before Irma got the orders straight and came back from the kitchen. By the time she returned, Taranee had came out of the bathroom, looking a little worse for wear. Upon Irma's return, she came bearing a large platter with three big plates of food, as well as three large glasses, practically overflowing. Will was helped down to the floor. She was feeling a little too awkward on the couch, and was worried she’d roll off! Irma walked over and sat her plate of food onto of her belly. Will let out a slight "meep" from the cold plate, before she squashed the sandwich down and began digging in. Hay-lin and Cornelia's hunger started to get the better of them from the sight of Will's meal. No sooner had Irma sat down their plates, that Cornelia and Hay-lin dug in themselves. Irma quickly reached back, fearing she might lose a finger. Or worse, her whole arm. She finished by setting their drinks down on the table, before walking over next to Taranee.

"Here. Thought you could use these" she said, handing her a bottle of Tums. Taranee sighed in relief, and then quickly popped a couple.

"Thanks" Taranee said. "I get the feeling those three may need to use them more, though." she joked, hoping the queasiness wouldn't return. Irma gave a reassuring smile as she put her hand on her shoulder. After finishing her sandwich, Will was licking the mustard off her fingers, and even the plate.

“Irma… is it okay if I asked one last thing?” she asked, popping a couple cherries from her float in her mouth.  

“Sure! Ask away!” Irma smiled. Will smiled back gleefully!

“I brought some extra snacks in my pack, mind getting the cheese doodles?” Irma nodded and made her way to Will’s pack, opening it to find something odd.

“Hey Will, there’s like crumbs and stuff everywhere in here?”

Suddenly a little brown flash jumped at Irma, who fell back in shock. It ran across the floor, scaring the girls. When it finally came to a stop, they sighed with relief.

“Mister Huggles! Don’t scare girls in this condition!” Will lectured the tiny dormouse. They others couldn't help but laugh. Cornelia let a loud burp slip out, causing them all to laugh even harder, while her face turned as red as Will's hair. Mister Huggles on the other hand, was sniffing the air, as if to hone in on something. They watched him pass behind Will's back and use her to climb up the couch. Then use the arm rest to leap over to the table, quickly making a B-line for the cookie jar. He furiously began sniffing the air all around it, cocking his head from side to side to examine things. Will giggled.

“Aww! He wants a cookie! Too bad all that’s in there is crumbs and a-. . .” she stopped short.

Will and the other girls looked on in shock as the little fur ball nudged the cookie jar in a futile attempt. Each try pushing it closer to the edge. Hay-Lin and Cornelia made futile attempts to rock themselves up. Even Will tried to move herself, in the hopes to stopping Mister Huggles in time! The closest girls to the cookie jar were too pregnant to maneuver fast enough and the slim girls to far away to make it in time. They all watched as with one last push, the jar tumbled off the edge. The little rodent quickly bolting for it in the opposite direction, and disappearing out of sight. Everything seemed to flow in slow motion. The statue clanging inside the jar. The pregnant girls all vainly trying to move enough to catch it. Taranee and Irma watching in horror. Until finally, it met the floor with a crash. The jar shattered and the statue that hid inside it, broke into several large chunks.


What seemed like an eternity passed before Will spoke up.

“That can’t be good…”

And with that, a sudden flash of light sprang from the broken figure. It buzzed like electricity and slowly floated higher up into the air. It seemed almost gentle, even comforting in an odd way, as they watched the orb glow a brilliant blue. All of their eyes were transfixed on it, when suddenly, exploded! In its wake, it left a slow moving wave that grew closer to the girls. The first to be hit was the heavy Will, who threw up her arms in fear. Though, she was left unharmed. Then Hay-lin was bathed in the glow next, followed by Cornelia. After it past Cornelia, it began to grow dimmer. Its faint echo finally Irma and then Taranee before fading away into nothing.

The girls looked on in a mix of awe and horror, watching as their bodies glowed a lovely blue. Though it seemed as the wave swelled out from the orb of light, those who stood farthest away only had a faint glow. While Will and Hay-lin were almost sure they’d glow in the dark if the lights where out.

As soon as it started though, it had faded just as fast. There was no trace of anything, except the broken remains of the statue on the floor. All seemed fine until Will cried out and gasped, her hands holding onto her belly protectively before she felt her hands being pushed away. The others watched as she ballooned out in a mock example of a woman going through months of pregnancy in moments. An octuplet pregnancy at that! Even as she groaned, her belly’s skin was stretched so drastically, long marks started to cover her tremendous orb.

Then Hay-lin cried out, her own belly suddenly shaking alive and ballooning before her and everyone else’s eyes! Her over-due look changing into a woman expecting twins and swelling on. Part of her was remembering how she envied Will’s massive belly. Now she was holding onto her own belly, trying to slow, or even stop, the constant stretching of her skin. Like Will, more marks started to bloom out on the sides of her midsection as it continued out towards her knees. Her slightly swollen bust starting to strain her buttoned up top. Her belly wasn’t helping as it pushed up her growing femininity, making them look even larger.

Cornelia suddenly panicked. It dawned on her, she’d be next. She began to struggle to move, hoping to escape her fate. Before she could fully turn away from the other girls, it happened. Her belly lurched forward, the gentle swell of her belly pushing out dramatically. Changing her half way through pregnancy into an almost ready to drop any moment, and still it grew. A few lines started to form like the others, the sudden growth causing marks to appear.

Will was breathing hard. The huge mass of life growing inside her so large, so full, it was tough to get a full breath of air. It didn’t help either, as her already swollen bosom had started to expand out of her shirt, popping buttons from the top, as her belly popped them from bellow. Will’s face was turning a deep red from the strain of how difficult it was to bear it all.

“Bear it all… heh…” she whispered faintly, smirking at the realization.

With only one last button left, her belly kept swelling. With no room left to swell up, it swelled out and came closer and close to her feet. Her legs spreading out across the floor as it finally made its goal. Finally, it stopped for Will. Though she was immense to say the least! It seemed she finished that octuplet pregnancy and decided to add a few more!

Hay-lin was slowly getting her wish now. Her belly creeping out along her thighs and reaching for her knees. She was nearing the size Will use to be, but looking at poor Will, she didn’t feel envy, only an overwhelming sense of awe. Using the weight that was already pulling her forward, she got on her hands and knees. Crawling closer and closer to Will, as her belly hung lower and lower as it grew. When she finally got close enough, her hand reached out and felt the tight surface of Will’s overblown belly. Will couldn’t help but flinch, blush and smile a bit. Hay-lin’s belly finally stopped its growth as it pressed into the floor. Even though it felt odd to have her belly so large to press gently into the floor, her attention was on Will’s swollen chest now, the strain and pressure from her struggling top had caused. . .an accident. One of the embarrassing moments of being an expectant mother was happening to Will.

Cornelia was watching in horror her own belly swell out over her lap. It had parted the fancy night gown she had decided to wear. Her mind racing as she mentally pleaded for it to stop over and over again. Only to see it continue on, more marks flaring out around the sides. It finally slowed to a halt, though not soon enough. It had almost reached her knees and she could only blush in worry as she looked over her marked skin she worked so hard to keep unmarked. Her already generous bust was stressing her pricey top. She couldn’t believe what just happened to her, finally giving in and looking for help, she looked to Will for help of all things and noticed something off right away!

Taranee and Irma had backed away in shock, standing away from their massive friends. Looks of worry and fear was crossing their faces as they knew at any moment they would follow their friends down the same path. Irma hunched over first, her hands holding onto her middle. Taranee watched on for a moment until she felt the pressure deep inside her push out next. It was almost like their bodies rushed through months of pregnancy, their bellies swelling out in turns as if to try and out do the other.  Irma would swell to 5 months to out match Taranee’s 4 and so on. Taranee lifted her shirt to see if this was really happening, only to find her belly swollen out to just a month from any chance of her being slim any time soon. While Irma did the same, only as she lifted her shirt, her belly continued to inch out, growing farther out. When finally it stopped, her belly had a few marks of mother hood across its very large sides. Though for a woman that looked ready to have twins, her skin faired rather well. They almost at the same time, looked to Will for guidance, only to see a girl far to pregnant to even be possible! What’s more, Will’s top seemed different, the color changing at its front.

When it was over, the girls silently looked on at each other, until all eyes were on Will. They all had a look of awe, fear, worry and guilt as they took in how large she was. Bigger and more swollen than any pregnant woman that they had ever seen, it almost looked impossible! It was awhile before they started to gather closer, in an awkward group hug around Will. They started to pull away, one by one, their tops and sleeves all felt damp. Will had leaked milk on her self and them. After the initial gross moment they started laughing.

“Will!” they all called out together. Will just blushed and smiled awkwardly.

"Sorry. . .Wish we still had some cookies." she joked, hoping to break the embarrassment. The other's just laughed and gave her another group hug, forgetting about the dampness.

"I think there may be an unopened back in the pantry. . ." Cornelia said, leaning her head back.

"Um...not anymore. . ." Hay-lin added meekly. "I was really hungry earlier!" hoping to defend her pig-out during her seclusion. Cornelia only sighed, as Will let out a deep yawn.

"I don't know about any of you, but I'm having more than a little trouble keeping my eyes open." Will added.

"She's right. It's getting late." Taranee started. "Unfortunately, there's not much more we can do tonight. We'll just have to resume work on a solution in the morning." she declared, the others all nodding in agreement. Each one yawned, stretched theirs arms a bit and unwittingly gave their bellies a rub. They did their best to help Will get comfortable first. Stacking pillows up her side for her to lean on, and draping a large blanket over her to help keep her warm. Hay-lin did what she could with her sleeping back and decided to snuggle up next to Will. Irma and Taranee were the only ones still able to fit into their own sleeping bags. Cornelia decided to lug her body the best she could up the stairs to her room. As she waddled her way to the stairs, Will caught a glimpse of her.

"Where are you headed?" she asked, half asleep.

"If I'm going to be forced to go through this, I'm at least going to be comfortable. I'm going to sleep in my own bed!" she declared. Using one arm to hold the railing, and the other behind her back. She arched her back and wobbled up the stairs. Will giggled at the sight of Cornelia waddling up the stairs like a penguin, then rested her head back and went to sleep, smiling.


Will was the first to wake. With a thud, she had slid off the pile of pillows and bumped the back of her head on the floor.

“Oweee….” she moaned quietly as she rubbed her bump and sat up. The first thing she noticed was she had lost close to 100 pounds of pregnant belly!

“Oh my… It’s gone! They're gone! H-how!?” she stammered, too shocked to think straight. For a moment, she thought it was all a dream, until she notice she was wearing the new shirt she changed into after she soaked the other with milk. The new one met the same fate, though. It seemed during the night it had dried to darker patches on her top. Then her eye’s lit up and she went to the others and shook them awake. Each waking up to find their slim forms had returned. Hay-lin even looked a little disappointed, but part of her was honestly relieved she wasn’t going to be changing diapers or get disowned by her parents.

"Cornelia!" Will declared, reminding all the others of her. They quickly rushed up the steps and knocked on her door.

No response.

"Someone's going to have to go in there. . ." Irma admitted, the others reluctantly nodding in agreement. After a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Hay-line was elected to go in.

"...You guy's are cheaters..." she mumbled as she slowly crept inside and saw the breathing mass of blankets that was Cornelia. To her confused eyes, the shape almost certainly implied she was still overly pregnant! Slowly, with a knot in her throat that wouldn’t go down, she slid the covers down from Cornelia and gasped at what she saw! The others held their breaths as they waited outside for Hay-lin’s reaction.

“Cornelia! I didn’t know you slept with a teddy bear!” she shouted. The others rushed in, only to burst out laughing as they saw the sight. There on the bed, Cornelia was wrapped around a pink teddy bear with a bow on top of its head. During the night, she had snuggled with it the best she could. And as her belly disappeared, she had pulled it close to her for comfort. Her eyes slowly opened and she saw Hay-lin and the others standing around her, snickering. Then she remembered the fact she still had the bear.

“No! Get out! Why are you in my room! I… I’m not pregnant!” She sat up, flinging the bear into the closet and rubbing her smooth unmarked belly.

The others sat on the bed around her and giggled. It all seemed like a dream. The only evidence was the remains of the statue no one dared touch. Other than Hay-lin, who had to be restrained a few times. They were all just happy things were back to normal. Well, as normal as five W.I.T.C.H.es can be.
. . .I...don't have alot to add here. 24 pages. That has gotta be some sort of record for me.

Feedback is always welcome and appreciated!

Every serious piece of feedback and criticism is taken seriously. Changes will be made if its a real issue!

All characters are of legal age in this. Besides, it's all fiction damnit! Its not true. So nyah!

Accompanying artwork, which the story is based off of, commissioned by me from :iconaxel-rosered:.
© 2008 - 2020 Mr-Jolted
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Sequel? That would be amazing!
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Good story. Link to the original artwork?
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Make another part to this story. I want to have Will become instant pregnant and then give birth to twenty babies. Ok?
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This was awesome, ! would love to read more about them! :)
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I totally enjoyed this story! Oh did the dormouse get a temporarily huge belly too?
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This spreads not only the Joy, but also the Cornelia, and Hay-lin, and Irma, etc. (For nine months anyway.) [I love puns!]
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