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By Mr-Jaunty
Okay... you all know how I love to play with perspective... right?

This is another of those, just a loop of one emote eating another, much-smaller emote.

As simple as the concept sounds, the creation of this was far more difficult that I thought it would be. It took me about six hours to make this, that time spread out over two or three days... the details are a bit sketchy on that, though.

Layers: 78
Frames: 43
Delay Rate(s): .05 to 3 seconds.
Time: Six hours.
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is there a plz-account for this?
Mr-Jaunty's avatar
No. And there never will be.

I do not allow my emotes to be used for icons of any kind.
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oh okay, thank you
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Congratulations, you've been featured in this week's issue of Emotional Emoticons!
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I did not, but as you can see I've given them the opportunity to remove it before I report them.

Now on to the matter of your newest deviation, Best Friends Until the End. It is quite clearly a rip off of *Ros-s' Soulmates deviation.

I'm sure she wouldn't mind it, but at least give credit for the idea, or do I need to remind you of the pony wing incident? :aww:
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Lol! This really made my day!:giggle:
Great job on the idea!
You truly deserve the DD! :glomp:
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haha cute and clever!very creative, and i like the way the loop is!:D
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yes it's endless
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wow!!! awesome! you could use this as an icon ^^
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Mr-Jaunty's avatar
Just the one? :icon8buckplz:
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LOL! I love it!
Extremely original :) :heart:
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Hi I really like your work.

But question!

How do I make one? And what software did you use?
Do you know any tutorial that might help?

I've never tried doing any animation before except Blender.
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I use Photoshop and ImageReady to make emotes, I'm not big on tutorials, but as I understand it =Emotication has a decent collection of them to pick from. Oh, and thank you.
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I'm going to be amused for quite a few hours.
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