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The Diamond City Superhero Prologue by Mr-Herp-Derp, literature

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My Bio

Just a guy who loves to write.

Art trades: (Closed until I finish the current ones, these guys have been waiting a while)

@rt912: 2 Tempest and Xeno stories.

@shardiseal: Miitopia characters.

Point Commissions: None

Requests: Ain't happening, unless you're a close friend, in which case let's talk.


@crush40queen: Baseball story.

Rules on Art Trades and point commissions.

I reserve the right to decline

You can ask for a one shot or a brief multi chapter story. Please limit five chapters for art trades and ten chapters for point commissions.

I will not write for a fandom I don't know about or don't like.

Understand that I am busy and cannot promise a speedy upload. If you rush me, I will cancel.

If you don't like what I made for you, I can redo it, just understand it will take time, and it will go to the bottom of the stack. I won't redo it if you're rude about it.

Motivation is a funny thing for me. Sometimes I get inspired to write the art trades and do them fast. Other times it takes a while to get motivated. This may cause me to do ideas out of order. Please do not be offended if someone behind you gets theirs first, that's just how it is sometimes.

Favourite Visual Artist
Anyone who can draw well
Favourite Movies
Too many
Favourite TV Shows
Too many
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many
Favourite Books
Too many
Favourite Writers
Too many
Favourite Games
Too many
Favourite Gaming Platform
Too many
Tools of the Trade
They keyboard, mouse, and screen
Other Interests
Last night, the user NebulaNomad reached out to me, claiming to be a professional artist. They told me they were very impressed by my work and the commissioned pieces I have in my gallery and offered me the chance to commission them. Now I've had bad experiences with this, as a few years ago, someone reached out to me, claiming to be a professional artist whose mother was in the hospital with COVID and was in bad shape. They showed me work samples that had their name on it. I gotta admit this person put a lot of effort into this, so I gave them a pretty decent chunk of change (like over $100) and they closed their account shortly thereafter. Thankfully I was in a position where that wasn't deadly to my finances but it still pissed me off, so I tend to be wary of people who jump at me for a commission. I know they're not all scammers but I'd rather play it safe than lose a bunch of money again. Anyway, I told them as such and they continued like I'd said yes, asking me to
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It's that time again, folks. @BagelofTime is doing her monthly raffle for February, and this time there will be TWO lucky winners. And you could be one of them. All you have to do is follow the simple rules and you get a chance at some lovely free artwork. Just go here and get started!
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It's that time again. @BagelofTime is hosting her usual monthly raffle. Just follow the instructions on the journal and you could get yourself some free art!
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Wario's Trade

Your comment: I feel that Wario would be a better fit for Captain Syrup if he were to get romantically involved with anyone.

I hate to disapprove of this comment of yours, but Wario would never love Captain Syrup, because canonically, Syrup is Wario's archenemy. In fact, my understanding is that Wario loves money and treasure, garlic, junk food, and smelly things, but not girls.

I still think it's better than him dating a literal high schooler.

I see your point about dating a literal high schooler, but still, Syrup is no better than Mona. Sure Wario hates everyone, including Mona, but due to his constant rivalry with that pesky pirate Syrup, he hates her even more! This is why Wario being with Syrup will never ever work out.

Well, therein lies the beauty of fan art/fan fiction. People can achieve their desires even if they'd never happen in the source material. I have my own OC I ship with Mona (I probably mentioned it in replies on that pic) but if someone else isn't down with that, that's fine. They can ship Mona with Wario or whoever. Same goes for Wario and Captain Syrup.

Thankyou Kindly For The Watch :D

Thank you for watch+

Thank you so much for watching my account!

Thanks for the watch!

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