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Blue cold space showing it's magic, viewed from the asteroid Seraphim.
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Alright, so let's start this off:

Seraphim. The title and picture, in my personal opinion, are such beautiful and magnificent things that come together very nicely. They both show a meaning of angelic beauty and is extremely powerful to those who understand its meaning.

I can see mountains, a planet to the right with one moon (small), a planet to the left with three moons (small; medium; large), a few other dots presumably other planets or asteroids in the sky, and then a glowing, aurora sort of feel nebula appearing background that just gives off this immense blue light that glows in the sky with such elegance. I don't usually see such a color with such a magnificent artwork, and it makes me happy. It truly does.

Now, I have no real experience in creating such things as nebulae, galaxies and such things, but from what I've seen through many things space related, this seems to have bene hard to make, and it's come to a great, skillfully created piece of art. Truly, I could never achieve such art (and truly, I never will. Not just trying to flatter you with words lol, I'm being honest).

You see, with space, anything can be real in artwork. What you provided me was a theory. A theory that such a place exists, and it just makes me wonder if we'll ever get to see this place. The place you prophesized in one piece of art. I have no words to my own reaction other than, wow.

I'd love to see more with this type of color and artistic skill in other deviations that you create. Maybe you have already created some and I just haven't seen them, maybe you won't. It's just a thought, not much else. And, before you're done reading this, it might seem that I overrated this artist, but I just gave my simple opinion on behalf of what my eyes see before me, not on behalf of the entirety of everyone that's read this critique or seen this piece. Anyways, fantastic job <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>