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It was dark now; the moon was a glittering silver coin tossed up high into a sky encrusted with gemstones. In a tiny forgery, a boy and girl slept soundly, unaware of the things that they had set in motion. Their guardian was hammering metals late into the night, too troubled to sleep, for he could feel something stirring. But he didn’t know what. And somewhere over the Woodwroth Ridges, past gaping ravines and waterfalls that shouted at rivers and boulders, past the towns, villages, cities and camps of people, their little lights and fires glittering and shimmering, something dark coiled, stirred and shivered with glee in its deep slumber in a long-abandoned temple. The ground cracked and crumbled slightly as it turned over in its long death-like trance, mumbling dark, unspeakable words that even the Ancients of Yaruvallah never dared to speak. And simultaneously, a vicious shudder crept over the land as it searched for Destiny, who was lurking in a tiny market town, scattering the stones of motion. It had created an avalanche of itself, and a new path started to form from the rubble. And then all dimmed suddenly and went quiet. But it was too late. Destiny, in its careless and merrier nature, had stirred Fate. Fate had seen, it had heard. The cogs were moving, and the dark within the temple began to stretch and lift its heavy eyelids. A splinter of sterling moonlight broke into the ruined temple through a crack in the ancient rock for the first time in millennia. Soon, it thought. Soon I shall be awake. The Mists will herald my awakening and I shall shake this dark pit apart. The Light will burn and devastate, it shall be my spear; the Dark shall be my cloak, woven of Shadow, it will cover the land with the terror of the unknown and it shall blind the fools who believe that they see all!. It paused, relishing these sweet dreams of freedom and revenge. Finally, Destiny and Fate were moving. For the first time in many years, it could sleep knowing that eventually it would awaken from the dark eternity it had spent here. Fate spins the cogs and Destiny has started the cascade of the future that shall set me free! It roared to itself in celebration and for a moment, it felt awake and alive with a rush of gleeful rage. As the rage started to reach a crescendo, the dark of the cavern fell upon it with the weight of the mountain in which this temple resided and sleep coiled around the creature like ropes. Soon, it thought, as it fell back into its slumber. Soon.
Mortal Gods Extract
Hello all! This is my first literature upload to DeviantART and I hope I have done everything correctly (we shall see soon enough). This is an extract from my book, Mortal Gods, and I thought I'd share a piece of it with you. Please bare in mind that I will probably not complete this book for many years, but I will probably upload more extracts of it so as to get some feedback on it. Anyways, please don't steal anything and I hope you enjoy! Comments are greatly appreciated as I'm all but certain that my literature will need a lot of work before I'm ready to bring it to any form of publisher or bookshop. 
An Evening on the Moor
Hello all, it's Earwig here! I was out on a moorland walk last night with my parents on the evening of their 20th anniversary and the weather was gorgeous. The sky was a blend of light golds, greys, whites and blues before shifting to red, orange and gold. Unfortunately my phone is ill-equipped to take photos of sunsets so I hope you'll enjoy a picture of the light beginning to fade from the sky as I find the blue colour shown here to be stunning. Anyways, I hope you are all well and I will be uploading again soon! I hope you enjoy. 
Ameythst 2.0
Just gonna say this now, along with the other photo I'm uploading tonight, it is my personal favourite photo that I've uploaded this year. I photographed it specifically on a sunny day so it would catch the light, and oh my did it glow. IT'S SO PURPLE AND PRETTY! Purple is my favourite colour, so I'm very happy with this. I hope you all enjoy.
A Lovely Afternoon
This is one of my favourite photographs yet - it was taken a few days ago near where I work as a volunteer and the weather was simply wonderful. I thought I'd share this photograph with you all in the hopes that you enjoy it as much as I do. Have a good day/night peeps!
Family Stuff:
Yo guys, thought I'd post this quick journal update and whatnot. Basically, there's been a ton of stuff going on recently. I've been seeing grandparents who live a few hours away from me a lot, which is always good, but it has meant postponing a lot of art. Hope you can all understand that, which I'm sure you do. But I'm delighted to report that I have a ton of good photos to upload! 

However, not everything is good. One of my grandparents, who lives very close to me (aka not the ones who live faraway) has just suffered a fit due to his stroke a few years ago. It was completely unexpected and happened on this Sunday, before his birthday. So far, its going ok, but I'm just trying to defuse any family tension at the moment.

Also, there is another extremely private matter which is causing some distress, but I'm not going into any details as it is incredibly personal. But I'm going to make it clear there is a lot of stuff on my mind currently.

Unfortunately, I have been suffering from artist's block a lot. Often enough, I often get a little depressed - I don't have too much self-confidence with my work. This is not because I have no self-pride, but I often see other people's beautiful work at college - and I try to up my game a lot, but my brain sometimes convinces itself that I'm not - well - not good enough sometimes.

However, I'm really enjoying a new art style that I've gotten into and I'm beginning to feel a bit better about my stuff. Sorry to have to mention all this but I often get these feelings and this is one of the nastier versions of these thoughts. But, as you will soon see, I have got some stuff drawn up. Also, expect a new art style until I develop my Computer Art Skills (still an on-going project).

College Stuff:
So far, I'm really enjoying my new college. There's lots of lovely people and it keeps you on your toes. My college work comes with a HUGE pile of things to do which involves practically ALL of my spare time getting eaten up. I don't get in from college till around 5:30 or 6PM, British Time - which doesn't leave me with much time to design new, personal things when I've got to get food and do any looming college projects. 

A Final Word: Firstly, I'd like to point out that by no means in any way that I'm not quitting DA or anything like that. What I would like to draw attention to is that I don't have as much free time as I used to. Family matters have been getting quite climactic recently and quite worrying sometimes; college is getting busier and busier and an awful lot of my time, in college or out, is dedicated to not losing sleep over worrying about how many sketchbook pages are complete. As for my art problem - that is temporary and is already leaving me for the moment.

That being said, I hope you're all keeping well and you can expect more regular uploads in either the next few days or next week, all depends on how college goes this week. Love all of you guys, and will see you all soon.


Mr-Earwig's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
18 years old, roughly six-foot at full body length (not too bad, I suppose). Wacky hair - its all the place - curling, wavy, straight and whole host of colours (mainly rich brown, but I have flashes of blonde and ginger lurking in the brown depths) simultaneously! I won't say too much about the fact - personal information and I'm not quite ready to give a full-on view of my body. Anyways, the face is decent - a few angles, barely, freckles and big blue eyes and typically a grin.

Since I consider myself a more "humble" type of person, I won't say I'm a good artist - Hell, I'm probably one of the worst - but I'm still learning; and I'm going to an art college, soon, around the time of me writing this. I am good at writing, I've currently got a book in the works along with many more book ideas brewing in my head; I would also consider myself a decent photographer. Anyways, I know my drawings are probably terrible and not the best at all, but I hope you enjoy your time on here. Also, check out my group YouTube Channel, The BEK Team (we're very small, but we provide decent gaming content - I hope):…

My personal goals: Learn to do art/digital art and photography professionally. Write my books; and learn animation. I also plan to become a better YouTuber in order to help my small YouTube group get bigger and better!

Anyways, have good days, enjoy life and food and drawing and gaming (there was a lot of "ands" there ... oh well) !


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