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Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman

hey everyone,

First piece of the year and decided to do this for practice, just really trying out new techniques to speed up my creature creation process, i painted this completely in Photoshop cs4. this was my first ever completely digital painting and my first ever Spiderman, i'm pretty darn happy with how this turned out. i really wanted to capture a moment where both the characters are in mid fall high up in the city scape, just seemed more dramatic than a ground fight. i was also trying to push the ferocity of venom and make him a little more alien than normal while staying classic. anyway i hope you peeps like it and i look forward to your critiques .

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Love the look of the symbiode in the rain!
This look awesome!!! wow<br / />
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By far the most realistic looking venom I have ever seen on deviant art.
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hey this is awesome! do you mind if I feature it in a spiderman fanart compilation that I am working on and wish to post online?
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Games need to be this way!
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Awesome scale and composition!
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spiderman's so cool. he can take on anything
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you got a point there, we really dont see most other comic heroes taking on as many mutants,robots, and aliens while also trying to keep a 4.0 GPA. thanks for the support dude!
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i love the concept and think that you have true talent do you draw your art???? or is it the whole digital process from start to finish??? i could see myself drawing some thing like this keep up the fantastic work i am thinking of drawing Toxin i will post him in here when i have finished let me know what you think :)
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i did a really rough sketch in photoshop then built it up like any painting. What i meant is that this was my first illustration where i didn't draw it in pencil first. I'm still a fan of sketching before hand, but in time ill probably go full digital in my process. Thanks for the support! oh and feel free to post your image of Toxin when your ready.
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Thank you and your work is fantastic :)
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Super awesome great job!
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Wicked! Incredible energy and detail. Your Venom is just hellish. Bravo! ;)
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Thank you very much!
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wow! just... wow! O:
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thank you, im glad you like it
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venom looks enormous this is great !!!!! respect big time you got mad skills bro
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