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Ok but this is yr Final Smash

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Ta-da! The long-awaited sequel to the most-faved piece in my gallery! [link]

I think Kharozz was really on to something in the comments section of that one. So I have brazenly stolen his idea, put it down on paper, scanned it, and presented it to all of you.
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-Wario comes back-

Wario: That's not what I meant, you took my money, now I found this thing -Shows Smash Ball-

Zero Suit Samus: Uh oh...
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OttoGraff1871Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wario man fights consent!
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But you need to do a follow-up of the follow-up and have that bill do something to her!
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But the money isn't magic. The whole point of the joke is that Wario saw that Samus' final smash (at least in the Brawl days) made her lose her Power Suit, so he's trying to pay her to lose the Zero Suit.

And I already made a follow-up to this where Samus KO's Wario with a piece of her suit (also outdated Brawl mechanincs) and then takes the money.
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Since I don't play the Mario Bros. games anymore, it's all moot to me.
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For chastity's sake...
Get a room, Dr. War!
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Get a room? But that's what you say to two people engaged in public displays of affection, not lone pervs!
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Bah, what's the actual way of scolding pervs anyway? I need the right saying!
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Just do what Samus did and hurl a chunk of your Varia Suit at them.
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Hey cash is cash.
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Now THERE'S the Samus I know & love!
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She don't need no authorization to take that dollar!
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Or beat up Wario :lol:
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Aahaha, I love it XD
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Well I guess she gave him what he wanted, so she can take the money.
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CatsTuxedoHobbyist Traditional Artist
"We've got to have... moneyyyyy..."
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That's so her.
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Awesome comic. :thumbsup:
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A girls best friends.
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Funny and comical!
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Bahaahahahha, exactly what I'd do if that were me :D
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Your welcome for using my idea. I actually found this page by searching up my username on Google. You always find past places you've been to. Try it!
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Your welcome for using my idea! BTW, I only found this by searching my username in Google. You can find LOTS of past places you've been when you do.
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