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Just one more Smash?

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This one requires some light reading. Click this [link] and return shortly thereafter.


Okay, so now you see that the Zero Laser (which I called the Zero Beam becuase I forgot but it sounds better anyway) makes Samus' armor fall off. So Wario, who I've already established is a filthy pig, figures that if one Zero Beam knocks half her clothes off…*

Man, two fanarts of unreleased Wii games in a row. If that doesn't make me Nintendo's bitch, I don't know what does. (Except maybe the last 22 years of my life.)

*I'm glad people still find this funny now that most of the Internet knows that a second Smash Ball puts her suit back on.
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Wait... I just got the joke...
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I really hate the guys like that. they think girls are their toys or something.
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I really hate people like you that can't just enjoy the picture without acting like a FILTHY FUCKING FEMINIST! >:V
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Calm down, both of you.
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This was three years ago. Didja think we were still going at it behind the scenes?
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(take the dollar and kick wario away) SAMUS WINS THE MATCH
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Only Wario survived...
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Ha Wario is the one who survived XD! Except for Kirby and Pikachu
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Yep, that's what happened.
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..................(kicks wario in the face.)
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Too bad for Wario that her armor will not fall off when she uses her final smash now XD
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Wario! you creep! kill him Samus!
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I agree with Wario.
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This is the best SSBB related comic I've seen.
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Wario reminds me of Nigel Thornberry in this for some reason.
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This is hilairious! Great job!
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mr.dna, we ALL know wario is a filthy pig, no need to say it again XD
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