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In This Twilight

Yes, it's Midna! She's pretty much the best character in the Zelda series (well, next to Error, anyway), and I'm surprised it took me this long to do a drawing of her. The clouds and bloom effects were last-minute inspiration because I've been busting my ass to get this done before noon so I could get this printed.

The prints, by the way, will be for sale at the New York Anime Fest.
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Was this from the game or manga series?
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I’m not familiar with the manga, but the manga must have been based in some capacity on the game, so by default the answer to your question would be “from the game.” Specifically the Wii version, signified by Midna’s reversed patterns and Fused Shadow helmet. That was the only version I had played at the time, and it wasn’t until the Wii U’s HD remake that I could finally play Twilight Princess with a left-handed Link and a sun that rises in the east of Hyrule.
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The manga may have; only had the first volume.  Don't know where it's at now.  My sons had a Wii for a while then grew tired of it.  I had bought the scuba diving game for a lark.  Played it once but never went back to it.  Finally sold it when the boys sold the game console.  Then the got into Xbox 360 and ran it into the ground, well almost.  Tried to play it but too many controls to keep track of.
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Simply delicious.

While personally never having attempted fanarts, I sincerely admire all artists capable of doing beloved characters justice, especially if they manage to infuse the result with their own individual style and aesthetic.
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You oughta try it, it's fun!

Also, I read that as "While personally never having attempted farts."
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Dat title... Is that a NIN reference?
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That's awesome! ;u;
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She's a little cutie!
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awesome! I love it. but I have one complaint; she is mirrored! this would be the wii version and not the gamecube version...whatever, it's still good.
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Well, the Wii version is the one I played. Sure, it has a right-handed Link and sun that sets in the east, but at least it's in widescreen!
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okay, but you can adjust the wii to play in widescreen and play the gamecube version on it. play the original (gamecube) ;)
Mr-DNA's avatar
I thought the gamecube version didn't have a "real" widescreen mode. It just stretches the picture. I mean, I can play Ocarina of Time in widescreen on the Wii, too, by those standards.
Linked2Midna's avatar
well if you have a wide screen tv it works better...but yeah, I don't think it has a real widescreen mode either
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u thats been posted again?
anyway AWESOME and that freaky face ¡yay!
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YAY midna!^^
very good work
Great picture, but I've always wondered about her mask, doesn't it's basic design seem like another mask in the Zelda series? Also, great work on the expression she has =D.
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lol very cute.
very nice work!
love that cute face!
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I love that grin of her :D you did her really awesome!
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She's a psycho bitch.

I mean look at that grin.
AK-Is-Harmless's avatar
:laughing: LOVE the grin! :)

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didn't really get to play this game but she does seem pretty cool. Gotta say my favorite games OoT.
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