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It's everybody's favorite one-shot item, Kuribo's Shoe! Man, what was up with that shoe? Why's it got a wind-up key? And who the hell is Kuribo?*

I've been experimanting with separating my outline into different layers so I can blur things out of focus. I find it's trickier to do it on background than foreground. The background details are finer, but if I blur it too much, the line gets too thick and I lose too much clarity. I want to blur it enough that it's separated from the subject, in this case, Luigi and his bug green bootie of destruction.

I like to think I pulled it off. I'm trying to crank out one finished piece a night right now, so even if I didn't pull it off, I'm settling for it. Let mo know what you think, though!

I'll be selling prints of this at the New York Anime Fest at the end of September.

*I know Kuribo is the Japanese name for Goombas. I was just getting into the 1990 mindset. I was all, "Kuribo? Jugem? What th' hell?"
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Luigi was my favorite character in the Mario franchise always loved him along with Waluigi 
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I love Luigi's face and pose. He looks too adorable! :D
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Awesome. I've loved Luigi since the first game he was in. c:
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Luigi has always been my favorite

Astounding job, man
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Thanks! It's nice to hear from a Luigi fan from way back before it was cool to like Luigi. (Not that I have anything against the Year of Luigi, mind you.)
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Oh yeah, I've loved Luigi ever since my family use to have an NES and SMB2. I would always pick Luigi and my older siblings would always pick Peach. And I remember the first time beating Luigi's Mansion. Or in Paper Mario: The thousand Year door, how Luigi would always talk about and exaggerate his adventures (and publish for sell). 
I always found him to be a fun character 
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Everybody I knew in school hated Luigi's wiggly leg jump. But I was all, "no way man, Luigi is rad!" I was kinda disappointed that he got demoted back to Mario's palette swap in SMB3/SMW. We never even got that jump back until NSLU this year!
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This really was my favorite moment in all of Super Mario Bros. 3. So sad Nintendo only gave us a single level with the "Goomba Shoe" (as I always called it).
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There were supposed to be more Kuribo's Shoe levels in the GBA version of SMB3, but the packs of eReader cards were never released in North America.
oldmanwinters's avatar
I never had an e-reader, but I was always curious to what changes the various cards might make to the game. I'd love to download them for emulator play, even though I doubt there's any legal way to do it!
Mr-DNA's avatar
I got one solely for the extra levels in SMB3, so imagine my chagrin when they abandoned ship with two packs of cards to go.
oldmanwinters's avatar
Sometimes it just feels like Nintendo teases us Americans with stuff they won't let us have!
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At least Earthbound is no longer one of those things, eh?
oldmanwinters's avatar
I have yet to experience the video game bliss of Earthbound but I'm glad it's now more widely available for everyone else!
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I heard that Kuribo is actually another name for Goomba. Since you find Goombas in the shoe, it makes sense.
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Yep, Kuribo is Japanese for Goomba. There's another item in SMB3 called Jugem's Cloud. Apparently, Jugem is the Japanese name for Lakitu (I think). Which is weird, because Lakitu sounds more Japanese to me.
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Woah. I love it. Luigi looks so thrilled, and I love the composition!
MoonHitler's avatar
I love it!

I also loved wearing that boot.
Jammy-Double-Whammy's avatar
How much fun is that? :3
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