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Fountains of Aphrodite, p3

Commission for:iconamadeusamadeusamadeu:

Our heroine returns, the goddess' gifts on display yet completely protected from the outside world once more.

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I like how her intelligence is still intact.

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According to the Whoopsie Principle, bimbrosia doesn’t sap intelligence so much as it puts the user on a different wavelength. She knows what she means, even if she can’t communicate it to her peers.

damn, i think i might be a bimbo in that case

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It's hard arguing against the Whoopsie Principle, if only because I completely forgot my train of thought on it for some reason. Either way. Great job on the looks of these last two panels on all accounts. Well done overall with this comic and keep up the nice work.

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Her outfit looks suspiciously like secretary Peach's.

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I’ve only got so many tight, pink, professional ladies’ outfits to go around!

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Honestly what she's saying does make complete sense.

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That's my ideal bimbo. Her brain isn't destroyed, she just has a hard time explaining herself to people, and then the frustration manifests itself in pouty faces and increasingly high-pitched voices.

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I love it in all its forms but this particular take is always adorable and one I gravitate more to over time.

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I adore that this was 1, desired, 2, kept a desire to do science and research on it, and 3, kept a focused but bimbofied demeanor and got "principle" used correctly.

This might be my favorite bimbofication.

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Considering the general plots of the source material, I'd imagine Aphrodite has other, much less pleasant means of protecting her sites of worship. We're talking about a goddess who started literal shipping wars when someone got in the way of her OTPs -- she's not someone you want angry with you.

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Love everything about this!

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I also love that she gets the glasses after becoming a bimbo.

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Improvement on the reboot design

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What a wonderful fate for Cara Loft.

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Come on, how could they take away her PhD just because she occasionally forgets how to breathe?

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Professor of Bimbology, and who says you need to go to collage to succeed in life XD

leila-stoat's avatar

The tragic part of this story is that so many would want to join the ranks of the bimbos, but Dr. Bimbo here can't figure out where the hell it was again. :giggle:

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that final outfit is cute as hell. love it!

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