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Fountains of Aphrodite, p1

Commission for:iconamadeusamadeusamadeu:

An intrepid explorer/adventurer discovers a lost goddess' temple, complete with operational water features, and maybe a little more!

This comic was previously posted on my Patreon! I have one of those, you know. For early access to things like this, as well as lots of exclusive content, check a look over to
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Particularly nice job on the ancient ruins background with this TR-esque pastiche comic page. The expressions are just as top notch, so well done all around with this one. :)

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See, back then they did things in subtle and classy ways, by means of cooch darts :flirty:

Gojiro7's avatar

I like the touch of where that dart is coming from XD

Mr-DNA's avatar

What, the… uhh… belly button? (Nervously tugs collar)

Gojiro7's avatar

yes.....that place *shifty eyes*