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Energy Dome for Women

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Inspired by the 2010 DEVO album, Something for Everybody.

In case you haven't heard, DEVO Inc. has changed the color of their iconic Energy Dome headwear from red to blue, based on intense studies and close work with diverse focus groups*. But if they truly want to offer something for everybody, a women's clothing line is in order. You know where to find me, Mr. Mothersbaugh.

*This is a prime example of DEVO's commentary on corporate America if ever there was one. Seeing the band (in the album's liner notes) with their freakish grey masks and holding hands with a demographically diverse crowd is pure hilarity. Another great part of SfE was the Song Study, which allowed fans to select 12 of the 16 new songs to appear on the album. the votes were tallied, and DEVO went ahead with their intended setlist anyway, finally delivering on the Freedom from Choice they promised us back in 1980.
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LOL very cool.

Picked up the new album a couple days ago. Human Rocket ftw. A shame I don't get the liner notes from Amazon MP3. Guess there's still a reason to buy the audio CD.
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Yeah, I still like having a physical copy of my music, especially since I have every other DEVO album. I was kinda bummed that the Deluxe is digital only. I still had just enough credit left on an iTunes card for those last couple songs.
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since Blue is indeed my favorite color, this makes me smile more! that, and i love DEVO!
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Blue has always been the new red and black in my book, but its just cause i love blue a whole lot. well i slowly dripping into purple's and green's and yellow is old news. Sigh... oh Royal blue how i miss thee.

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Huh... I didn't know about ny of this... interesting insight.
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Whao. This is kinda funny. You posted this the day Steven Colber had them on his show.
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Although I can't say I agree with the color switch, I adore this poster.

I had no idea DEVO just released a movie. Thanks for the heads up.
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It really is a swell album - I can't stop playing Mind Games or Later Is Now or March On or Human Rocket or...
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My favorites are What We Do, No Place Like Home, and Knock Boots (deluxe version).
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I had no idea DEVO has still releasing albums. MUST FIND.
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Just came out yesterday. First one in 20 years, and it's pretty damn good. Still can't touch their early stuff, but much better than their late-80's, post-WB stuff.
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Well, they just played on the Colbert Report, and I must give my approval as well. Twas pretty good.
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Just watched it online.

"I know I'm a little late to ask this question, but... are we not men?"

I also liked Jerry calling the BP spill the "Fountain of Filth." That's a reeeal old Devo song. Mid-70's. Older than me.
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