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Chelsea in Beach Blanket Bimbo

Commission for :iconagentc-24:

Chelsea isn't normally a big fan of fun in the sun, but with new Bimbotone Sun Lotion, you don't get burned--just hot!


And hey! Do you like seeing how stuff is made, kind of? Because I posted some step-by-step process of this very piece over on my Patreon. Heck, I even make it all available for download! If you're curious, head on over to! I charge far less than I am worth.
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Now she became impervious to beach balls.

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Impervious or oblivious?

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That lady's bouffant is so firm you could bounce a coin off it.

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"This is, by far, the most politically incorrect and culturally insensitive material I've ever seen uploaded to Deviantart! I'm going to alert the moderators to your something something something like, I knew I was tots angry just a sec ago but can't remember y ew dis keeboard is like tots grody screw u losers im going to de beach & get a tann wait i live in the antarctic cuz im a meteorologist whoopsie"

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Super beautiful!~

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It gives you a beach bod, an intense tan and those sick highlights and a hairdo? Oh, these puppies are going to sell like hotcakes :flirty:

Big hair and a nice tan! This might be your finest work.

That's a powerful SPF.

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Now I want a beach bimbo~

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Love this one! Are you still accepting commissions? :)

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I like how she temporarily turns retro before going full 80s on us.

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A big thank you for your work on this one. It was fun to see it come together, and your lively retro takes on her have always been fun. Well done on this massively vibrant feel on all steps here (sunblock included), and I appreciate the efforts and creativity you put into this one. Keep up the great work and thanks again for everything. :)

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