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Charlotte and Nester pg. 1



Becasue I love you all, I took a break from doing my real comic to present you with some new-school Castlevania/old-school Nintendo Power goodness!

For those of you too young to remember Nester, he began as half of a comic team known as Howard and Nester. Howard was based on the then-editor-in-chief of Nintendo Power. (And before that, the Nintendo Fun Club Newsletter-- that's how fucking old I am!) Nester was just a hotshot kid. He fancied himself the greatest gamer of all time. My generation's "Iggins." (See Invader Zim.) Naturally, he was all talk, and it was usually up to Howard to bail him out. After the real-life Howard left NP, Nester flew solo. By this point, a different artist took over and the comics just weren't as good, but that's another story.

Anyway, the point of the comics was to take two pages to give a single game tip and pepper said tip with cheesy jokes. Howard and Nester usually assumed the starring roles of the games they were giving advice on.

Since I've been playing a whole lot of Portrait of Ruin, I thought it's be a good idea to make a Nester comic since the game features a partner system. The sensible Charlotte made a good stand-in for Howard, which is nice since I didn't feel like drawing him in a dress. Nester takes over for Jonathan, says some really awful one-liners, and I give you, the readers, an actual game tip!

It's a pretty important one, too, so I tried to keep it as spoiler-free as possible. If I did spoil anything for you, then that's what you get for not reading my comments. I pour my soul into these!
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:tears: Oh, man... I'm suddenly filled with an overwhelming abundance of nostalgia. That combined with the fact that I'm playing Portrait of Ruin right now have made for quite a combo!

And that's a mighty fine tip, too! ;) Good gravy, I killed those two vampire sisters a million times before figuring out I needed to do this! It drove me crazy! :XD: