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Chargin Mah Dozer

Mega Man 2 just may be my favorite NES game of all time. I remember seeing the very first screenshot of it in Nintendo Power #5 (yes, I remember down to the issue). That screenshot featured none other than one Guts Dozer. Here was this grinning, screen-filling tank. And that was it. This was before the Internet, mind you. The picture damn well had to be worth 1,000 words at least because you weren't getting any more info for two months. The next issue had the fold-out poster, and the one after that was the Mega Man 2 cover. (Clay Mega Man on Jet Sled FTW!)

I had to have this game. I had never played Mega Man 1. My only knowledge of it was an ad in the Nintendo Fun Club Newsletter (the free precursor to Nintendo Power). The ad had the legendary awful box art and a shot of the stage select screen, which my brother and I assumed was a character select screen.

When we got the game, we were awestruck by the opening scene, as not many games had opening scenes. We then chose Quickman because he looked cool. We were immediately mocked, first by the unreachable 1-up, and then by my grandmother calling us out for yardwork. We left the game on as if we had actually gotten somewhere. We finally did get back in to have a go at Mega Man 2, and it was worth it.

Everything about this game is appealing. The music is great, the backgrounds are diverse, the enemies are big and colorful. Mega Man 2 will always be special to me, because I really believe this game is what inspired me to start drawing. (It will also always be better than Mega Man 3. Doc Robot my ass.)

Well, anyway, here's Guts Dozer, painstakingly hand-rendered and eye-dropper'd with his actual sprite colors. I'll be selling prints of this piece at the New York Anime Festival at the end of September. Oh, and I finally did get to face off with him in my youth after being tantalized by that 1" x 1" screenshot. What a puss he turned out to be.
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Man, this thing was a challenge for me first time playing. Still gives me a bit of trouble. Love the way you make it tower over Mega Man.
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And then, one of Dr. Wily's greatest inventions comes in, ready to end your life!

*derpy laughter and music to accompany his derpy looks* Yeah, he's really as pathetic and easy as he looks.
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I got that Caddy reference!

Legacy-Galaxy's avatar

I just re-looked at that comment and you liked it shortly afterward? Isn't that a freaky coincidence!

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Very cool scene and take on the characters!
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Thanks, I'm still pretty happy with this one.
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Chargin Mah Dozer...  Just out of curiosity, did the "Firin Mah Lazaar" meme come to mind when you gave the deviation it's title?
I compliment the Guts Dozer on looking so impressive...and being so easy. :) It's like the game is throwing you a bone.

Here, take some Quick Boomerang in your FACE. :P
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Yep, the screen filling boss whose weakness is a rapid-fire weapon. Factor in the ubiquity of turbo controllers in the NES days, and you've got yourself a 5-second fight. The Dragon went down almost as quickly, but you also had to fight him over a death pit, and I think he could one-shot you with his horn. It at least did a ton of damage.
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That thing always scared the shit out of me. XD
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Yeah, but it's mostly harmless.
RaccoonTwin-3's avatar
sure doesn't look like it. lol.
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Not to mention MM2 had one of the best pieces of music in gaming history:
That one, and The Moon from Ducktales are probably my favorites ever.  And they both have awesome remixes all over youtube.
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I already knew what that link was before I even clicked it. I'm digging the version of that song in the new Smash Bros as well!
tffan01's avatar
There's a version for Smash Brothers?!?!  *flies off to youtube to hear it*
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I always liked the concept of Gutsdozer. Wiley SUUURE loved Gutsman.
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There's not a day goes by that Wily doesn't regret he's not the one who built Gutsman. It still stings.
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At this point, it's a wonder he doesn't give his skull castles a protruding jaw.
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The Guts Dozer was pretty scary back in 1988.
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Dozer the Destroyer~
i fight the gutsdozer itis very easy
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