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Angela's Magic Lesson - START

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Introducing a new Chain Series, starring The Underburbs' Angela Morgan! If you're not familiar with the idea, take a look at someone I took the idea from:…

Basically, it will work the same way as the above link. It's sort of a choose your own adventure TF, where you can commission the next link in the chain. The rate is only $15 per link, $20 per epilogue. Just comment or send me a note if you want in on this thing. I'll even get the ball rolling with three separate catalysts. And now, on with the paper-thin story necessary for this type of thing.


Angela Morgan still couldn't believe it.

"What's the point of being a witch and going to a school in another dimension if they're not going to teach me any magic? Supposed to learn that at home, they said..."

Luckily, Underborough High School keeps plenty of magical tomes in its archives, even if the regular curriculum is decidedly tame for a school with a student body of Halloween monsters. If they did teach magic at UHS, there would probably be signs up telling students not to practice it without supervision, or to make sure to recite spells in a well-ventilated area. Undaunted by the absent warnings, Angela pulls a dusty book off the shelf at random and wings it.

"Hey, it's doing something! It feels like..."


(1.) …my hair is tingling."

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I got all endings

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Redgirl102Student Digital Artist

i have a few suggestions for angela

Agumented human (a human but with a robot like mechanisim under her skin.)






shadow (as in she becomes her own shadow)

a western like scientist/engineer

a pirate

something with floral like powers

A chef

someone who loves nature

and a siren

just saying.

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This is not how you get additions into the chain. But I like some of those ideas. I might think of commissioning one or two of them.

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Redgirl102Student Digital Artist

just some of my thoughts....but im glad you agree with some ^w^

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images taked before unfornute or furnutate events

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Bonniecakes Digital Artist
Man, if I had some cash on me, I would totally open up a new fifth option to open the floodgates for us foot fetishers.

(5.) feet are tingling."

Nuff said. ".w.
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Add a sequence of Angela turning into a anthropomorphic cow.

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I would like to see a continuation of the (2) link on this one: Angela's Magic Lesson - Neck Stretch
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If you want to see it, commission it. This isn't a request series.
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But alas, I always miss out because I'm too slow. One day, though, I will be quick enough on the draw to nab a slot.
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(5.) ... feels like teen spirit
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I must admit most mortals are incapable of creating so many apocalypses by practicing magic
What spell book did she get these from the four horseman's second hand shop 
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I like how most of the art I see on your page is all part of a massive chain starting from this one. No, really, I do. It's truly incredible how much content you've produced to keep this going among your other great pieces. Keep up the great work, friend!
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i wish i had the money to pay you to make a branch that explained how Underburbs could continue normally after this
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Each spell cast takes place in a separate reality. None of them happen simultaneously, nor does she make return trips to the archives (unless that happens in a spell’s epilogue). In the canon continuity, she never tinkers with unknown spells in the archives.

So you see, there is an explanation! It just wouldn’t make a very good drawing. On the bright side, the explanation is also free.
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Oh okay thanks
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Tech111Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I don't know anything about this character and I already like her! I wonder where you can read the comics.
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The comics aren’t posted online, but they are available in physical and digital formats here:…

Issue 1 is available as a free download!
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Tech111Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh cool! Thanks!
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Hope you enjoy it!
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Sploonly-2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What if someone commissioned a "the crash was 5 years ago ending" were Angela wakes up in a hospital.
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I would hesitate for a really long time before answering their note with the most diplomatic way of saying “thanks but no thanks.”
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Sploonly-2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmmmmmmmmmmm 🤔
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