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Angela's Magic Lesson - NiteWytch

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This episode is brought to you by :iconpedanticcheesecake:

As Angela mulled over the situation that brought her to her current state, her rage grew. Her so-called undercover act, infiltrating Winifred Pale's inner circle to stop her from conquering the humans, was nothing but a sham. It was inaction that she convinced herself was just biding her time. The self-directed fury fueled her powers. Her short cape stretched, engulfing her. She forced her arms through as the fabric hardened into a leathery material. Her new trenchcoat burst open, revealing a decidedly more tactical look. Straps and pouches of dubious purpose criss-crossed her battle suit. Her pumpkin insignia was sharper and turned a fiery red.

Force was building in Angela's tightly clenched fists. She raised her quaking hand, steadied it, and extended a finger. A bolt of magical memory erupted from her fingertip, leaving a smoldering hole on the opposite wall of the archives. A smirk curled Angela's lips as she surveyed both the destruction and her dark appearance. (And attitude!) She had once told herself she would protect her world at any cost, but now she truly had the means to do it.

No more Little Miss Nice Witch, she thought smugly to herself.

"In fact," she said aloud to absolutely no one, "you can call me NiteWytch."

THE END ...or is it?

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She looks amazing in this image!!
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I love the Benday/Half-tone color dots.
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I take it back actually, THIS is zack Snyder’s wet-dream.
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(Deep inhale) Smell that? That's pure, uncut '90s right there.
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Agree, this is pretty cool (and cute) in a 80s/90s sort of way. Kind of a neat sort of concept of a magical witch action hero. Doubt we would get a whole series out this, but would love to see this story continued and maybe some sort of flashy finale or something like that...

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Some muthaf***a's always trying to cast ice magic uphill!
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Oy that name is so 90s.

She looks like she's ready to punch thugs in a rainstorm while inner monologuing about the darkness inside.
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Gurren Lagan Sun glasses, I have those
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I demand a comic series about this character.
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Ok who let Rob Leifeld take over the art?

tffan01's avatar
Can't be Robe Leifeld.  This artist can draw feet.
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That's being incredibly generous to my foot game.
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your foot work is great, I wish I could get as detailed with different styles, show types and angles as you

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Or a brutal appraisal of Leifeld's foot game.  Take your pick.
stripe-gremlin's avatar

you’re right...ok who let Zack Snyder reboot Underburbs?

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Dunno if the design skews more toward Marvel's work or DC's, but either way, it rocks.
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She absolutely looks coolte (cool + cute) here!

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The Dark Ages of Comics returned with Spawn in MK11 earlier this month, looks like the wave caught Angela, honestly a really funny/interesting concept for a last step, the shiny outfit and sunglasses in particular are really eye catching

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It's crazy to see this serie keep going after all these years..
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