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Angela's Magic Lesson - Hunger Management

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The hunger washed over Angela, threatening to overtake her mind and body. Tampering with magic caused this, she figured, so maybe magic is the only way out. Concentrating, she bombarded the rapidly creeping thirst with everything her raw, undisciplined witchcraft could muster. Angela rose from the floor, held aloft by tantalizing red swirls. Her eyes gleamed as her fangs and nails grew sharper. The tips of her hair stained red. Her clothes flapped about in the sanguine vortex, becoming more like robes. Once the spell subsided...

(1.) ...Angela had regained control!

(2.) ...Angela felt strangely energized!

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Holy mackerel, talk about some fantastic energy-warping sequences. I love looking at the spiral around her; it's well-articulated in showing the circular waves of blood magic while also looking chaotic and unnatural to go along with the fact she can barely control this power. Even in a static picture, you've really got a good way of making it look like her feet are lifting off the ground; the movement is amazingly captured in this.

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Oh wow this is great

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That looks like trouble.

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I gotta say; I'm enjoying seeing these a few days early on Patreon, but I always look forward to the DA posting for the under-pic text! : D

Gives me a few days to think "Oooh, wonder what the description of this one's gonna be"

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Really loving this panel, looks very cool and I think you nailed the sesnsation of a huge burst of power with the magical effects! The expression, glowing eyes, and hands subtly turning claw-y are super cool. Nice job

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The back to start link didn't come through, Mr-DNA.

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Fixing now, thanks!

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Ooohhh nice colors. I really like how you did the red magic flowing around really make this drawing look cool.

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That was mostly the result of playing with brushes in ProCreate.

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I'm still gonna vote for the fun of it, I'll vote for.... 1

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