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Angela's Magic Lesson - Forblooden Knowledge

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Angela's feet touched the floor of the archives once more, her heels clacking gently against the cold stone. She no longer felt the hunger eating away at her very soul. Relieved, she looked down at herself, peering over her robes' expanded cowl neck. Her right hand poked from a flowing sleeve, sickly white with long, pointed nails. More surprising was her left hand. Her sleeve had hardened into a metal gauntlet. Over her armored palm, a glob of blood undulated like a free-floating lava lamp. She wasn't sure if she'd summoned it from thin air, or it was her own, or if it came from someone or something else. But she did know that she was in some degree of control over it, and not the other way around.

The words blood magic crossed her mind. She shuddered for a reason unclear to her. This type of magic was long lost to Underborough, and whether Angela stumbled upon it or it sought her out, it would be a new responsibilty. Angela came to the archives to better learn how to be a witch; now she would need to learn to be a witch and a vampire in very careful balance.

THE END ...or is it? 

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Ooh! This is a great new design for her; I love the mix of the gothic vampire aesthetic with her dark hair and much more mono-colored clothing, and the high collar, gauntlets and long hair still preserving a sense of the occultic around her. Angela's still incredibly recognizable from this, but the change is nicely drastic; it's an excellent way to "evolve" her character in a manner that one wouldn't expect.

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*or if it came from someone or something else.

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This is fan-freaking-awesome.

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So she can just summon blood to herself? I wonder where it comes from.

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Ok Angela came out really good in this one. Like Jutsei i think the design look great. My fav detail is the metal gauntlet.

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What a fantastic design! Great mix of mage and vampire, the blood magic flows and looks amazing, the hair is really dope, and the candy cane leggings oddly just frankly work.

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