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Amazing Pizza Pals

"Seriously, you guys are, like, my most amazing friends ever. I totally mean it."
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ice man will never enjoy warm pizza!!!
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I liked that cartoon...
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It's hard not to like that show. Even by comic book standards, it was so wonderfully silly. Just the hidden crime computers alone! Who built all that? Did they have to rent the entire floor below them?
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Ah yes. Superhero logic: almost as complicated as a soap opera but with more imagination. For some reason we don't question it...
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It also didn't hurt that my age was in the single digits when that show originally aired.
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Ha! Iceman's arms!
I always really liked the show. It was fun.

And now they are all dead.....
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This is funny on so many levels! I love Iceman's face! And the picture of hulk!
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Now this is funny and awesome.
Good work.

Darth Cygnus
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I'm so happy I'm not the only one who remembers this show.
Thanks Mr-DNA!
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Poor Iceman xD
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That house looks like Poisen Ivy's place in the junkyard in 'Batman the animated series'.....
I've been watching too much of it... :XD:
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pretty cool I used to browse at a few episodes. I like the vibrant color
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I love this show! It may have been before I was born but I watched when I was a kid, reruns.
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Careful Bobby, next time don't order the hotbox.
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You know, seeing this popping up in my random favorites makes me want to see Bendis write another Ultimate Spider-Man story with Firestar and Iceman. Preferably one that didn't focus too much on "Mutants am bad!"
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LOL love Iceman melting
Poor Iceman. That must be one hot pizza
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I used to love watching reruns of this show.
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That's funny! Yes, spiderman's friends are, in fact, amazing.
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