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Just a reminder that I've started a Patreon page!

For the way-too-low fee of $2/month, I post sketches every day! You'll see a lot of early versions of things I post here, as well as sketches of The Underburbs whenever I'm working on new issues. Sometimes, you'll even see quick sequences that I don't post on DeviantArt at all, like this five-part Thanksgiving special:……………
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A return to the oozy, tentacled, new, and objectively improved reality for the denizens of Underborough.

Written and commissioned by :iconthieviusracoonus:


As the bell rang, ending school for the week, a handsome blond tentacle monster with six eyes and a slug-like torso was waiting at the front gate of Underborough High. Just then, he sees Angela quickly slithering to reach him.

“Sorry I’m late, George,” Angela said while catching her breath. “Did you wait long?”

“Not at all, Angie,” George replied with a smile. “So, are you ready?”

Angela nods and the two hold tentacles as they stroll back home together. For years, Angela and George had been really great friends since they were just paralarvae. However, secretly, the two monsters grew deep feelings for one another. It was only until after junior high school that they learned how each other felt, and began dating.

“So George, did you get anything planned for tonight?” Angela asked.

“Well, I heard that this year’s High School dance is going to be fun.” George replied. “Win and Bel has scheduled They Might Be Eldritch to perform live there.”

“They Might Be Eldritch?! Oh, I love that band!”

“So, do you want to go to the dance?” George asked, lending Angela his other tentacle.

“I’d love to!” Angela replied with excitement, hugging George.

The two love monsters hug each other passionately for a good while until they finally reached home. They tend to make this night very special for the both of them as they spend the entire day getting ready. George takes a quick hot oozing shower to get himself nice and greasy, and then asks his father to help him make his hair real slick. Angela was having her hair brushed by her mother while she brushes her jagged teeth with tooth-slime.

The swirling red sun begins to set and a broken violet moon begins to rise with pentacle-shaped stars glistening around the dark purple sky. George, with his hair stylized as a pompadour and wearing a tentacle-like tie around his neck, stands in front of Angela’s door. As the door opens, Angela reveals herself adorned with an eyeball necklace and wearing her hair in an impressive mantle. The two smiled at each other, entranced by their good looks.

“Wow, you look really beautiful Angie,” George compliments as he blushes.

“Thanks, you look very handsome yourself, George,” Angela said, batting her lashes.

“So, are you ready to have some fun?”

“Let’s go.”

George and Angela slither and slide to the high school dance with their tentacles wrapped together. The party was really popping, thanks in large part to DJ Bludshawt's tunes. Everyone was having a really good time. Shelley was enjoying herself at the food table with all-you-can-eat human fingers and conversating with fellow tentacle monster geeks. Winifred was on the dance floor with Bel’s brother, Cif.

Just then, Bel comes in on stage with a microphone.

“Hey everybody, how’s it hanging? Is everyone having a good time?” She asked.

“YEAH!” The crowd cheered.

“I can’t hear you. I said, IS EVERYONE HAVING A GOOD TIME?!” She asked again.

“YEEEAAAHHH!!!” The crowd cheered even louder.

“Awesome! And now, ladies and gents, the band you’ve all been waiting for, give it up for They Might Be Eldritch!” Bel announced.

The crowd went wild as a two-headed tentacle monster lumbered on stage, performing “Trouble Awful Devil Evil”.

“Wanna dance with me, Angie?” George asked.

“I love to,” Angela replied with a smile, as the two head on to the dance floor.

The two monsters wrap their tentacles around each other and start to waltz together. They keep their eyes locked on one another as the music plays. In a rather dream-like sequence, George and Angela felt like that they were dancing in a cloudy dark green landscape with no one around them. Angela’s chest starts to feel warm and her heart is fluttering. George couldn’t help but smile his jagged teeth at Angela’s beautiful face, making her flutter her bulbous eyes. It was absolutely clear to anyone, even to themselves, that they are truly in love.

As the party progresses, George and Angela take the moment to be alone together. In an empty hall of Underborough High, Angela and George are hugging each other in loving embrace as they both kiss each other’s fishy lips. They smooch, suckle, and smack like a pair of suckerfish.

As the two stopped for air, they gaze into each other’s eyes.

“You’re the best George…” Angela crooned. “I love you.”

“Love ya too, Angie my babe,” George murmured.

George and Angela went back to kissing each other, their smoochy and mushy noises melding with the music in the dance hall.
Amy's Nerd-Percent Speedrun
Nerd TF commission for :icontf-wizard:

I filled in the premise because I was watching a lot of AGDQ 2019 this week. I think I split the difference between the bookish nerd steroetype and the gamer girl stereotype pretty well. 
Jedi Master Tankette
OC Pinup Commission for :iconrbl-m1a2tanker:

Jedi Master Tankette, from an alternate universe. Fights hard, parties hard, and definitely likes to partake of 'aggressive negotiations' on occasion. Does have a softer side... but she's very picky as to who sees it.


Joe Haley
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Hey there, I liked your drawing of Angela becoming an inkling. I was wondering if you can draw Winifred and Shelley as Inklings.
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I'm actually busy with a few commissions right now, and I'm starting the next Underburbs after that.
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Alright. It would be nice you drew my request. Maybe some day you might draw it
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Happy New Year, DNA.

Underburbs Dogs by jacobyel   Underburbs Cave Girls by jacobyel
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Mr-DNA Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018
Not bad! I think the only possible change I'd make is the hair. In keeping with the 50s/early 60s aesthetic of the Ultimoms, the ideal husband version of George would be more clean-cut.
thieviusracoonus Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2018
Ah, I see, interesting.
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